Useful Tips

Halloween Outfits

Small witch. The most common image. And the most not cunning in performance. Did not have time to buy a suit? Black leggings and a T-shirt will save you. Makeup and a broom, which can be borrowed from neighbors in the country, will complete the work.

Bat. For wings, any black cloak is suitable. And so that the costume doesn’t turn out “too black,” add a bright accent - for example, a red curl in the hair, a miniature brooch or any other catchy accessory.

Ghost. Ideal for lazy and very busy parents. All that is required of you is to sacrifice a white sheet.

Pumpkin. Cardboard, fabric, corrugated paper - you can make a pumpkin costume from almost any material at hand. There are plenty of ready-made options too: there are many offers on the Internet within 2,000 rubles.

The existing devil. Damn good idea - especially since the clothes can be any. But mischievous horns, wings and a trident will have to be taken care of in advance: you can make them yourself at home or buy ready-made ones.

Speaking of Halloween, it is difficult to pass by the evil clown, in fact, he is not so scary, but the holiday obliges you, so the costume should be bright, with an uncounted number of hanging corners, and, perhaps, just plain rags. On this character’s head, bells must flaunt, otherwise how will he notify others about his approach?

Scary makeup. Intricate make-up will easily turn your child into a small "monster". In this case you won’t have to rack your brains with a suit - an elegant dress or suit is enough.