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How to choose a tie for a shirt and a suit - recommendations of stylists

The combination of a suit, shirt and tie is a rather profitable option for clothing for a business man. This image is suitable for work, attending various events, meetings. The suit gives the man confidence, and in the eyes of other people makes him more solid. But any image can be ruined if its elements are incorrectly combined.

The main components of the costume are a tie and a shirt. In order not to fall into the dirt with your face and look stylish, you need to correctly combine these elements. Here are some suggestions:

  • you don’t have to buy a tie and a shirt just because you like them. They need to be selected based on the color scheme of your wardrobe,
  • long, large ties are most suitable for tall and large men. If a man is short and complex, it’s better to buy a smaller accessory,
  • to choose the right color for the tie, pay attention to the dominant color of the shirt. If this color is present on the tie, at least in a small amount, the tie will suit you,
  • it is necessary that there are several plain shirts in the wardrobe. The easiest way to find them is
  • patterns similar in color and size make the image plain
  • you need to evaluate your choice objectively. If any part of your image stands out too much, then you need to replace it.

Follow these tips and you can easily find a business image.

What is it chosen for?

When choosing a tie should take into account many nuances.

The following factors must be considered:

  1. Shirt and suit color. To begin with, the accessory should be matched to the shade of the shirt. The combination with the shirt is more important, as sometimes a man takes off his jacket and the tie is left alone with the shirt. After choosing a shirt and tie, combine the image as a whole.
  2. Type of appearance. The more contrast the appearance, the brighter you can choose the shade of a tie. If you feel unwell, do not choose a tie of light colors, especially light green and light yellow. For fair-haired and fair-skinned use calm, soft scales. Brown-haired shades are ideal for red-haired men.
  3. Dress code for the event. For strict formal occasions, classic ties of black, burgundy or dark blue are suitable. Do not wear bright, multi-colored ties at such meetings. For free events, you can experiment with colors and varieties. So, for example, ties like Ascot, Plastron, Sharpei are perfect for a wedding celebration.
  4. Season. The material from which the accessory is sewn depends on the season. For summer ties, light fabrics, such as silk, are great. But winter is necessary to choose from dense fabric and restrained colors.

Only an integrated approach creates a harmonious image that will help to make a great deal or attract the attention of women.

How to combine color with a shirt and suit?

By the color of the tie, you can determine the nature and mood of a person. Each color carries a specific symbol and message.

Red symbolizes self confidence. Men who love red ties are energetic, competent in business, love to dominate and stand out from the crowd.

It is necessary to carefully and metered wear this color:

  • For stern meetings, choose a classic black suit with a white shirt.
  • For a less formal event, a combination with blue or black shirts is possible.

reference! Very often, a red tie can be found on politicians, in particular on presidents, which symbolizes strength and power.

Maroon shows the luxury and power of a man. Helps stand out from the crowd, but is less challenging.

Great for weddings.

reference! Looks great with shirts of white, light purple and light blue colors.

Light gray talk about despondency and boredom:

  • Lovers of light gray ties are prone to melancholy.
  • But darker colors show the solidity of a person. Sometimes gray shades indicate modesty and indecision.

In terms of combinations, this is a universal color. The best combination with a pink or purple shirt.

Pink color Suitable for informal events only. The image is soft and interesting. But such an accessory is associated with frivolity. A shirt is best to choose white, light pink or light purple.

Blue accessory - A sign of calm, stability and confidence. Dark blue is great for serious meetings, but light blue is better to postpone for free events, as it gives the image a dreamy look.

An accessory of a dark blue shade will look beneficial against the background of a blue shirt, the main thing is that there is a contrast between them. Can be combined with a white or light pink shirt.

Orange Looks great on red-haired people. Symbolizes energy, optimism, emphasizes the cheerfulness of men. It is relevant only at informal meetings. White and tan shirts are preferred.

Persistent men, accustomed to pursuing their own preference dark green shades. Also, this color can help in difficult negotiations, heated discussions, unloading the atmosphere and appeasing. For a harmonious look, combine with a white, light green and lemon shirt.

Black suit corresponds to official events:

  • Ties of red, blue, black, purple, gray shades look great with him, but if you wear a white shirt.
  • When choosing a colored shirt, the tie is matched to it.

Gray suit Great for weddings. In this case, give preference to peach, cream, or soft purple flowers. If you want to stand out, you can wear a brighter tie. For official meetings, select the dark gray or black color of this accessory.

WITH blue suit ties of any color are combined, it all depends on the color of the shirt and the dress code of the event. It is important not to overdo it with the choice of bright color, so that the image does not turn out too cheerful.

Purple suit successfully harmonize with yellow, pink, gray and white ties.

Important! A white tie for a long time remained an attribute of judges and lawyers, but gradually passed into public life.

Multicolor ties able to emphasize elegant taste or, on the contrary, be a sign of bad taste. Therefore, their choice must be taken seriously. Do not combine more than 3 colors.

How to choose the right accessory for a shirt and suit is described in the video:


The tie itself is an accessory, but it can still be supplemented. For example:

  1. Clamp. The most common and convenient accessory. Prevents hanging out in the wind. The clip is attached between the 3 and 4 buttons and tightly presses both ends to the shirt. It should not reach the edge of the tie.
  2. Collar pin. An outdated accessory, but now it’s back in fashion. It looks like a large safety pin that pierces the ends of the collar and passes under the tie. Gives sophisticated shape and bending to the collar.
  3. Pin for a tie. Previously intended to hold a neckerchief, but then safely switched to ties. It has various shapes and sizes, so you can easily pick up to the general style. The disadvantage is a puncture that can ruin a tie.
  4. Chain. It consists of a bar and a chain. There is a hole on the bar in which the button is fixed. And through the chain pass its ends. This accessory is securely attached to the shirt. I did not get wide popularity.

Important! All accessories are made of precious metals (gold, silver) and must be combined with other accessories (cufflinks, watches). In addition to functionality, they give a sophisticated chic look.

The video tells how to wear the clip:

First a suit, then a shirt, finish the selection with a tie

How to choose a tie? What to do? Start with the most notable item on you - the classic costume. I recommend putting a suit or just a jacket on the bed, and start selecting the remaining parts of the wardrobe. Next, pick up a shirt, applying it to the suit and choosing a color combination that you like. Finish your selection by choosing a tie.

When choosing a tie, adhere to the principle - from large to small. You will have no difficulties.

By the way, read how to choose the color of a tie to a suit and shirt.

Do not use uniform color / pattern / pattern

A striped suit, a striped shirt and a striped tie look bad! Combining all this is extremely difficult. At least one detail must choose a different pattern. The same applies to the same colors and patterns on clothes.

The most versatile option - a suit and shirt should be matched in contrasting colors. In turn, the tie should complement the color of the suit. When dealing with patterns and / or patterns, follow these guidelines:

  • combine fabric with a pattern with a plain fabric,
  • fabric with a large pattern, combine with a small pattern.

Color game

If you ask me which tie suits a blue suit, then I will answer you - any. A tie of almost any color will suit a blue suit or a light blue shirt. Blue or burgundy colors for a tie are universal. For example, if you chose a blue suit and a white shirt, then the best choice for this combination would be a dark blue or burgundy tie. These shades of colors will perfectly harmonize and evoke positive emotions from others.


You can play with shades of the same color, for example, combining a bright purple suit with a white shirt and a light purple tie. Or two dark shades and one light. Even the combination of black and white is appropriate here. Try to develop a sensitivity to the combination of colors. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You can read in more detail how to choose the color of a men's suit in past publications.

For a better understanding of color combinations, I suggest that you read the figure below.

Suit and Striped Shirt

The main rule when combining striped things - the strips should be of different widths! Indeed, one way to create a slightly informal look for a man is to wear a striped suit. However, wearing a striped shirt or tie whose width is very close to the width of the suit’s strip is a big mistake.

The fact is that others will see you from far away and they will have a “ripple” in their eyes. Everything will merge: suit, shirt, tie. Therefore, I recommend using a maximum of 2 things with stripes, and always of different widths. It would be nice to choose the third part to match the color of the strips that are present on the first two parts. For example, a blue suit with a thin white strip, a white plain shirt and completes the “trio” of a burgundy or blue tie with a wide white strip.

Striped suit and shirt, combined with a small diamond print tie

By the way, you can buy a tie with a pattern in the form of rhombuses as in the picture in our online store Bowandtie Shop Gallery.

Two different cells

Use a different cage on clothes. Your informal look can easily be supported by checked clothing. Even better if the cell is of different widths.

Gray suit in combination with an orange plaid shirt and a gray knit checkered tie

In our online store you can buy a knitted tie in a cage of natural wool.

Two different patterns

While the size of the stripes or cells of two things should be different, this rule does not work with two different patterns / patterns. Small drawings on different parts of the wardrobe should not be used.

You can combine patterns, but there is a limitation. A large drawing on one thing fits a large drawing on another thing. For example, a tie with large "cucumbers" fits a shirt with a wide strip. A large check blazer can be combined with a wide-striped tie.

Two identical patterns combined with a third

If you are brave in changing your image and like to experiment, then you should not be scared by the combination of a checkered jacket, a plaid shirt and a pocket square with a pattern. In this case, a tie can be used monophonic.

Here the rule of necessity of combining different sizes of the picture works. In my example, the dominant figure is a cell, so the whole difficulty lies in choosing a chest scarf or tie.

If you have a small cage, then it is better to select a large pattern on a scarf or tie. Contrasts should not be too provocative. All in moderation.

Three identical patterns

If you have a remarkable courage and a large wardrobe, then you can try to find a combination of three identical patterns.

I can recommend the following combination: A suit in a medium-striped strip or a cage, a shirt in a small strip or a cage and a tie in a wide strip or a cage. You also need to choose a color for the whole image, so that everything blends harmoniously.

Suit, shirt, striped tie.

Last rule

If you are in doubt about which clothes to choose or how to combine different patterns, make the look simple. Especially if your budget is limited and there is no way to spend on experiments.

Buy a suit, for example, in a medium-sized cage. From shirts, choose plain, not bright colors. Buy some bright ties. Better yet, if you buy a pair of scarves to ties and read how to fold a pocket square. It is enough to buy one suit, 2 - 3 shirts, 3 - 4 ties and a pair of chest scarves to make dozens of combinations and looks for all occasions.


So, we examined 10 rules that are not so difficult to follow when choosing your wardrobe. Try to combine different colors, patterns, patterns of several parts of the wardrobe, do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes it’s worth moving away from classical images in order to dilute the gray and boring shades that sometimes surround us.

Rules for combining a tie with a shirt and suit

There are never too many ties in a men's wardrobe. But in order for a strict image to look harmonious, it is necessary to observe some rules for combining the color, pattern and pattern of a tie with a suit or shirt. Moms should remember the simple rules for combining ties with shirts and suits, then the choice will be as simple as possible, and the child himself will get used to the fact that he is always dressed with a needle.

So these are the rules.

  1. To determine which tie is best for the look, you should start with a suit. A jacket or suit can be put on the table (bed) and put shirts of different colors on it. Put the liked version of the shirt on the jacket and start applying a tie.
  2. If the suit is selected with stripes, then neither a tie nor a shirt should repeat this pattern. The selection of a tie and a shirt of the same color is also considered bad taste. At least one detail in the image must be made in a different color or with a different pattern.
  3. To easily combine things in a masculine way, you should adhere to one simple rule: a shirt and a suit need to choose contrasting tones. A tie should match the color of the suit, complement it.
  4. To determine how colors fit together, you can turn to the color wheel. Shades that are located directly opposite each other are contrasting, and which are located next door are similar. Colors that are 120 degrees apart from each other define traditional combinations.Black, white and gray colors are universal, they can be combined with any other color.

When choosing a tie for a shirt or jacket, you should pay attention to the appearance of the person. Brunettes with fair skin are perfect contrasting, vibrant combinations in clothing. For a person with a soft contrast in the appearance, light shades are suitable when choosing a wardrobe.

How to choose a tie for a colored shirt: table

Now consider specific examples that will help determine which tie to choose for a particular shirt. If you use them, you can always look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. With a pink shade, a tie of purple, burgundy or purple matches perfectly. To create a contrast, a blue tie is suitable, and its pattern can repeat the pattern of a shirt. A delicate combination is obtained by combining a pink shirt and a gray tie.
  2. The blue shirt is perfectly combined with a blue tie, it can be both plain, and with a pattern or patterns. The main thing is that the shirt color is not too saturated so as not to distract attention. A red tie will look original against a blue background. The most daring can choose an orange tie.
  3. A gray shirt will look great with a blue shirt. An interesting combination is obtained with a red, burgundy tie. If the shirt is dark, a classic black tie will fit. For a holiday and parties without a strict dress code, a yellow tie is allowed.
  4. A burgundy shirt works best with a black or blue tie. A striking combination will be a burgundy shirt and a blue striped tie, which will be the same color as the shirt.
  5. The purple shirt looks good with a gray tie, and its tone should be more saturated. A black or bright purple tie with a pattern on a shirt is also suitable.

Matching a shirt to a tie

To choose the right shirt for a tie, you must adhere to following rules:

  1. If the color of the shirt and tie has similar shades, then the tie should be a little lighter.
  2. For a contrasting combination, the color of the tie should also be a tone lighter.
  3. A red tie against a white shirt will emphasize the authority of a man. The combination of a red tie with a blue shirt is a classic. And on a black shirt, a red tie will look very interesting.
  4. A gray tie can be combined with any shirt. The most beautiful combination will turn out with a pink or purple shirt. If it is difficult for you to select such combinations, then choose this option.
  5. For a green tie, it is best to wear a classic white shirt, or light green, or blue. A white shirt can repeat the pattern of a tie, this is a perfectly acceptable option.
  6. A bright yellow tie goes well with a blue, white or blue shirt. You can also wear a black shirt to him. If there is no strict dress code, a combination of the pattern on the shirt and tie is allowed.

The combination of colors and patterns: table

But if the previous options are suitable for graduations, gala parties or any events where a child or a young man can afford to look not only stylish, but also shocking, then the following are more suitable for strict events. For example, when a university graduate is about to go for an interview with a future employer, or he is invited to the wedding of his best friend. In this case, he will have to harmoniously combine plain ties and shirts. And this is also a kind of real art.

Combining a plain tie and a shirt (suit) is quite simple. But the task is complicated if there is any pattern or pattern on the fabric.

In this case, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. In each drawing, the hue must be repeated. The main color - the color of the shirt - should be present in the main background of the tie. The pocket square can be made in a different color, but some general emphasis must be present.
  2. The cell on the tie should always be larger. When combining checkered fabrics, one should remember: on the shirt the cage should be the smallest, on the tie - larger, and on the jacket - larger than on the shirt and tie.
  3. When harmony is reached in the drawing, one must not forget that shirt and tie should match each other in color.
  4. Striped patterns need contrast. The brighter it is, the more interesting the image will look.
  5. A tie is chosen for a striped shirt according to the same rules as for a plain one. But since there is a pattern on the shirt, the tie can also be striped, but of a different width. A tie with a pattern of polka dots or with geometric shapes is also suitable.

Bow Tie: How to Pick Up and Wear

The most popular color for a bow tie is classic black. For a gala evening, this is ideal. "Butterfly" will be appropriate for graduation in kindergarten, and on the same evening at school, and even at weddings. In this case, you can use a monophonic “butterfly” in black, burgundy or saturated blue. And for colored butterflies, peas, a cage or pattern, more diverse costume fabrics will be required.

  1. A colorful bow tie can be worn at informal events. This tie is perfect for a shirt and jeans. To a snow-white shirt, it is appropriate to wear a lilac, green or red butterfly.
  2. A bright butterfly will look good in a company with a dark blue suit and a light shade shirt.
  3. If the bow tie is plain or in a small pattern, you can put it on a striped or check suit. A plain bow tie made of woolen fabric can be safely worn with plaid shirts and vice versa.
  4. The image should not turn out to be too varied. If the bow tie is bright, colorful, then the suit is best suited monophonic. And if a colorful suit, then a bow tie should be calm.

Do not forget about the rule of color combinations: in the image should not be more than three shades at a time.

General tips

In a classic way, the end of a tie does not fall below the belt buckle, overlapping it by no more than 1 cm.

Checkered options are a sophisticated and original choice. Combine with plain shirts only.

To create an interesting image, use a striped accessory.

  • The width of the strip depends on the event. The higher the status of the event, the narrower the strip.
  • Combine the strip with a plain shirt.
  • A tie in a large strip can be combined with a shirt in a small strip.

Cell can be combined with a striped tie if the width of the stripes is the same.

When wearing an accessory in peas it is desirable that the color of the peas match the color of the shirt.

If you chose one color for a shirt and tie, then the contrast is created thanks to different fabrics.

Important! If you are at a loss in choosing, then the most win-win option is a black suit, a white shirt and absolutely any tie.

How long should a tie be told in the video:

Sometimes making the right choice is very difficult. But if you adhere to the main recommendations, it is possible to create a stunning image.

The right neck accessory will definitely bring you luck!

Instead of a conclusion

As you can see, if you use the table above and the pattern combination scheme, then choosing a tie for a suit or tie will not be difficult. Do not forget about it when you form your wardrobe or wardrobe of your child and you will always be dressed with a needle.

What accessory to choose for a black shirt?

This is another universal color, which will fit almost any tie. You can try colors such as red, purple, gold, silver, purple and classic white. The combination of a black shirt and a black tie looks very stylish, but it is several positions lighter.

How to combine an ivory shirt?

An ivory shirt is best served by warm shades of flowers (brown, chocolate). If you take it colder, you can choose a gray, purple or blue tie.

If you learn to choose the right color for a tie to a shirt, you will noticeably stand out from the crowd. And this article will help you with this.