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How to tame a man - 10 tips

How many girls dream that men become attached to them. And many choose the only available weapon for this - to be themselves. Naturalness, of course, is a wonderful feature, but there are many tricks on how to mask unpleasant traits of your character. And now we will tell you in detail how to tame a man.

No matter what men say about gender equality and the desire to see a strong darling nearby, they love saving and caring. Source: Flickr (Alexey_Tsyganov)

Which girls easily conquer men

An important condition is to have your own personal life. Plunging headlong into a stranger, the girl becomes depersonalized, becomes obsessive. A passionate and working woman will inspire respect. If we talk about something with a fuse, even if the theme is fashion or travel, a man will appreciate. He must understand that when you part, you will always find something to do and will not shed tears at night. This shows that a woman is not attached and does not put a man above herself.

Important! Friends play a big role. It’s useful to leave the man from time to time and have fun with friends.

A woman without unnecessary expectations and dreams, who soberly looks at things and does not expect anything beyond the limits of a man, enjoys every little surprise. The golden rule works - the less you wait, the more you get. And men see this when, for example, the girl’s eyes at the first meeting reflect a desire to get married and have three children. Thus, the girl will subconsciously wait for certain events that will not allow the man to show imagination.

When choosing dinner, you can hurt and insist on your favorite restaurant, but in global matters you need to give in to the male mind. If his decisions are not like, you can gently and unobtrusively change them.

Advice! With the decision of a man on an important issue, one must agree. In extreme cases, you have to find a compromise, but you can’t put ultimatums.

An interesting feature of the ideal female character, according to many men, is the reluctance to throw a tantrum at a time when it is really fair. The absence of screams for wrongdoing so surprises men that a woman immediately goes into the category of unpredictable, interesting and outstanding. And such a lady is always more likely to tame a guy.

Important! The ideal girl is always feminine.

No matter what men say about gender equality and the desire to see a strong darling nearby, they love saving and caring. A steel lady in straight trousers may attract attention, but she will not tame a man. He will feel unnecessary with her, and it is contraindicated for a man to doubt himself.

The feminine lady is strong enough morally, but sometimes needs help. She speaks in a calm voice and laughs pleasantly. Such a girl gets along with the boyfriend's parents and his friends, never rude to anyone, does not condemn and discuss. She would rather give a man the opportunity to intercede for her than she would climb on the rampage herself.

The image of the "fatal" lady

The appearance of the girl should always be impeccable. This does not mean that you need to visit the solarium, nail salon and hairdresser every week. It is enough to be well-groomed and clean. Since the concept of beauty is subjective, basic hygiene will help.

Advice! Any girl looks attractive if she takes a shower daily and keeps her nails in order.

Light dresses, knitted sweaters, medium-heeled shoes should be added to the wardrobe. A very important detail is perfume. Unusual pleasant smell is very well remembered and at the next meeting the man will definitely remember you. It is advisable to leave the hair loose, not cut off above the shoulder. Light curls or neat hairstyles collected on the back of your head will do. From the accessories you need to choose small bags of a clear cut (not baggy). Jewelry should not have been catchy. Makeup is always easy, not provocative - the best way to tame a guy to yourself.

What tactics of behavior to choose

Men definitely appreciate good manners. They are repelled by grumpiness, irritability, hypocrisy and gossip. Even if someone hurt you on the street, it’s better to forgive generously. In this situation, most likely the man will rush to protect you and will respect even more. If you yell at the culprit, then your companion will think that you are rude.

You can not focus on the shortcomings of men, thus wanting to correct them. Women's tactics are always invisible and unobtrusive. You should not try to show yourself smarter than a guy, even if it really is. It is better to leave him leadership in his favorite field and demonstrate his knowledge on another topic. So, if you are both financiers, then let him “teach” you something, and then show off your knowledge of a related topic.

It is interesting! Men prefer those women who, in addition to basic needs, can satisfy those that other ladies cannot afford. This is one of the best ways to understand how to tame your husband.

As a rule, a man will never leave a woman with whom he gets everything he needs. However, it is almost impossible to give everything. This also harms the relationship, because then we begin to desire something else. There should not be indulgence, but the desire to give what most women cannot give will greatly help in taming a man.

Attracting a man is a simple task. It’s much harder to keep it, and even harder to tame it once and for all. Source: Flickr (Adam_Patrick_Murray)

How to care for inner beauty

In the modern world, the mind is valued no less than external beauty. Attractiveness is important, but bright eyes are not enough to maintain a conversation and entertain a man. It is important for them to talk, discuss something, share their impressions. And the general misconception that men only need sex is fundamentally wrong. Many male psychologists say they need three things: support, fidelity, and sex. Communication is part of the concept of support and is the main way for those who think how to tame a man.

Therefore, you need to make sure that a smart man has something to talk about with you. To do this, you need to read, meet interesting people, learn. The rich inner world captivates guys and makes you want to meet. So the process of taming takes place.

It is not necessary to know everything, enough knowledge in your field, hobbies and awareness of the hobbies of men. It is important for a woman to have a stable system of values ​​and principles. “I don’t know what I want” is not coquetry, but uncertainty. It is necessary to respect yourself and not go against your own rules. If you believe that sex is inappropriate on the first date, then, stepping over yourself, you will feel disgust for your act and thereby ruin the relationship.

Useful Tips

  1. Show that his desires and needs mean a lot to you. Make surprises, unexpected dates, give presents. The opinion that a man should seek a woman is partly a stereotype. It is true, but without response, the man will think that he is simply unimportant.
  2. Do not make fun of him. Values, ideas and attitudes are important components of every person. And each one has their own. Even if he firmly believes in the impossibility of sex before marriage, respect this. Contradictory views can be corrected, but all thoughts cannot be changed. It will simply change the essence of man. And mocking at any, even the most bizarre idea, you devalue the very personality of a man.
  3. Give compliments. Another stereotype that women should not praise men has long been worn out. Everyone loves praise, and men all the more. Celebrate his merits, but do not praise, and everything will be fine.
  4. Do not impose. Perhaps one of the main rules that many violate. Let the man be the lead player. Let him even think so.
  5. Remove criticism. Modern women know how to change Windows and fix a tap, so they don’t need help. Even if they allow the man to fix something, they immediately crawl with tips that actually turn out to be criticism. Do not give him a reason to doubt himself.
  6. Do not Cry. This does not apply to any woeful events or days when excessive fatigue prevails. It’s enough not to make tearful tantrums every day and, if possible, give positive.
  7. Be sincere. It's important for men to trust. To give you the opportunity to feel close to yourself in complete safety is how to tame a guy seriously and for a long time.

Attracting a man is a simple task. It’s much harder to keep it, and even harder to tame it once and for all. We hope these tips will help you attract attention and lure a man without compromising your personality.

Rule One: Respect His Needs

It is important for a woman to know the needs of a man and try to respect and satisfy them. Moreover, everything must be done so that the man does not have doubts that the fulfillment of his needs is a merit and contribution of a woman.

Signs of attention and gifts also apply to this rule. Try to give only what a person really likes and will need. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating an association with parents who gave gifts as they see fit, disregarding the views of the child.

Rule two of taming men: respect the values ​​of men

Respect his values, thoughts, opinions, dreams. Never criticize them. If necessary, you can gently direct his dreams in a slightly different direction, but only do this very carefully so that the man has the impression that this is his idea. In addition, find out that it is especially annoying in other people, especially women, and try to avoid repeating such actions.

Rule Three: Don't Skimp On Compliments

Always praise him for his specific merits and no matter in which area they have been achieved. Always clearly state what exactly fascinated you in the process of achieving success. Try to add less criticism, or do it as softly and tactfully as possible. Praise also the virtues of the figure, for a man this is very important.

Rule six: do not overload the man with any emotions

To tame a man of cancer, scorpio, lion or another zodiac sign, never cross the line of emotionality and excessive emotionality. It doesn’t matter if it’s sad or joy, the man is not so adapted to such a load. Try not to show your mood too much. Especially men do not like to be manipulated with tears. Yes, this is a powerful weapon of women, but keep in mind that it is easier for the stronger sex not to calm down constant cries, but to find another girl, more calmly.

Rule Seven: Choose Your Words Carefully

Unlike men, women are perfectly able to mitigate acute angles in relationships, because they are subtle, sensual natures, they read a lot, communicate and learn. This is a very valuable quality. However, sometimes, when it comes to clarifying relationships, men can hear such epithets that they simply wither their ears. It is especially unpleasant if this is true, and the blows fall on the most painful place, not physically, of course, but emotionally. Believe me, a word thrown from evil will be remembered by you. Therefore, even in the heat of anger, try to control yourself.

How can you tame a man forever

First of all, in order to tame a man, he needs to worship. The fact is that most men prefer those women who treat them with respect, and try to please in every way.

In addition, flattery, which helps to pave the path to the heart of any man, is very effective in the struggle to tame a man. It is noteworthy that many men are very willing to accept even undisguised flattery.

In the process of taming a man, it must be borne in mind that most men are stubborn. That is why in many matters for taming a man you need to give in to him - so taming a man is much easier.

If he feels that he is responsible for you, and you trust him, then you can be sure that the man will take this heavy burden with pleasure.

What to do to tame a man?

At the same time, while a man is busy resolving your common problems, you can tame his taming. If in his character there are traits that do not suit you or annoy you, you should not talk about it openly.

Try to very softly and accurately bring him to the idea that some habits are still worth changing. But the use of various kinds of ultimatums will not give the necessary result. To tame a man, you need to be extremely tactful and courteous, so as not to cause a backlash.

It should be noted that it is often impossible to change the character of a really strong man, and in such cases the only way out is to find certain compromises on your part.

Remember that if you constantly remind a man of his shortcomings, it is highly likely that he will look for one that will see in him only positive qualities.

Keep in mind that taming a man is much easier than holding him back. That is why, choosing a model of behavior in your relationship, it is recommended to completely give control to them to a man and sometimes even not notice his petty “pranks”.

Secret number 1: how to tame a man forever

If you want to conquer and tame a man, keep close forever and ever, then this can be done in one unique way. let him know that he is very special to you.

Well, this, of course, does not mean that you need to sprinkle pink petals on the floor before each step or prostrate yourself every time he enters the room. (And that, however, would be cool, right?) No, for this you just need to appreciate him and give him joy.

This means simply being able to do some special things for him and constantly reminding him that he is the one and only with you. Call it unconditional love, if you will. It doesn’t matter what you can do if you do it for him, and from this he will be happy, forward!

How to tame a man - but just emphasize his peculiarity. I’m guessing what you’re thinking right now: I’m not a servant to him, and therefore I’m not going to run to the stove at his first desire, to grab onto the iron or jump into bed. Fair remark.

If you make him food, he must make food for you. If you iron his underwear, he should iron yours. If you do all sorts of miracles for him, he must answer you the same. Nobody is reluctant to wipe their feet about him all their lives, but to hope that everything will be equally in your union is also unrealistic.

It goes without saying that he should do something for you too, thanks to which you could feel special, but setting up a comparison table and ticking off who did what, who didn’t do that is also pointless. Such a relationship is unlikely to allow you to stay together until the end of days.

So how do you tame a man by convincing him that he is special to you? Earlier we discussed with you how to attract a man (by eating, having sex and doing laundry), but now, when you need to keep him, let's go a few steps further.

A few more secret ways to tame a man

In fact, it’s not so difficult to tame a man forever. The main thing in this matter is to keep a few rules that will help to twist the ropes from your man. So how to tame a man? There are tricks, applying which in practice, you can make sure that the man is at your feet.

First of all, you need to respect his needs in life.But it is important not only to respect them, but also to satisfy them. Let the man feel that in fulfillment of his desires, the beloved played a big role. Give him gifts that are really necessary. Otherwise, he may think that you simply do not take into account his opinion.

Be sure to respect and understand his values ​​in life, thoughts, desires and goals. Over time, if you really need it, you can direct all his thoughts in a slightly different direction. The main thing - do not go too far in your quest to tame a man. And then he himself will think that it was his own idea. You can also find out what irritates him in other people, and especially in women. So, you can avoid the mistakes that they make.

Try to praise your lover more. It doesn’t matter in which particular area he has earned praise, the main thing is to let him know that he tried not in vain. Try to avoid criticism, as a last resort, do it gently and naturally. Praising the virtues of his figure is also important. It is always pleasant for any man.

It is necessary to monitor your appearance. Everyone knows that men love with their eyes. That is why do not throw yourself. Find out what he likes from your clothes. Do not forget about such a thing as sexy underwear.

How to tame a man? Just keep it up all the time! Words of support in difficult times will always make it clear to a man that behind your words are great love and strong care. Do not miss the right moment to say important words.

No one can argue that a tear is the most powerful weapon for every girl and woman. But you must admit that it’s easier to live with a calm girl than with a hysterical crybaby. Manage your emotions. After all, on rebooted days it only puts pressure on your man.

The most important advantage of a loving girl for a man is her sincerity. Show that you really can be trusted. This is especially important for men, especially if you decide to tame a man. They need a sense of complete security in the company with you.

You should not be obsessive. Do not go too far, men do not like it. Be sure to follow the steps.