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How to repair a scratched disc

I found an interesting article on the Internet. Everything is quite simple, it can come in handy for someone.

If chips and scratches appeared on the disks of your car and they greatly annoy you, then you can restore it on your own! And very budget!

What we need:
1) chips on disks
2) two-component epoxy paste, its color is not so important.
But keep in mind, if the paste is red / green / gray, it will most likely enlighten through the paint, you will need a primer (it is also a primer).
I have a white epox, dispensed with soil.
3) a skin with a grain index of 300-400. And it will not hurt even with an index of 600, smaller.
4) masking tape, provided that we do not remove the rubber from the disk.
5) the actual spray paint and varnish. Spray Einszett Silber, the color is very close to the factory.
You can also use the silver spray from Wurth. In this case, I have varnish from Wurth. But if there are any difficulties in choosing colors, then it is better to turn to colorists - they will pick up.