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How should a man over 20 dress

It is pedantic to choose clothes and consider every element of the wardrobe, it would seem that this is a purely female prerogative. But a modern man no less cares about his appearance and image, since he is met by clothes. Stylists have long proved that you can look expensive and stylish without buying branded items, which will allow a man to open all the doors to success.

The appearance and image of a man is what makes up the first impression of him. Therefore, when meeting new people and in society, you need to look perfect and stylish. Some men will be helped by tips from stylists on how to dress cheaply and look expensive and luxurious, others will be shown the basic principles of choosing a wardrobe by ready-made bows from stylists.

The basic rules of how to look expensive at no extra cost

Clothing is something that covers about 80% of the male body, so it must be carefully and reasonably selected and combined. To always surprise people around with a luxurious appearance and impeccable taste, without spending fabulous amounts on branded items, a man will need to follow simple commandments from stylists. Namely:

  1. Wear things that look like new. Any thing has its own life and it is important to send it to a “pension" in a timely manner. You need to get rid of things with spools and scuffs, yellowed and stretched fabric, etc.
  2. Clothes should be ironed and steamed constantly. Even designer stylish things will look cheap and dull if they are not ironed after the next wash.
  3. Shoes need special care. According to the condition of the shoes, women evaluate the general image and style of a man. For each season you need to have two pairs of shoes, each after wearing alternately needs to be cleaned, aired and polished with cosmetics.
  4. Accessories play an important role. For example, in the autumn and winter season, a beautiful, not very voluminous scarf braided with a special knot around the neck will help to look elegant.
  5. Pay special attention to how pants and jeans sit on a man.. Pants should not fit the hips and buttocks of a man, but they should not hang down, forming a "diaper" on the ass.
  6. No need to be afraid of bright colors. Berry and pastel shades look expensive and luxurious, especially if a man selects textured fabrics, for example, drap, velveteen or wool. It is necessary to get rid of the boring gray color, replacing it with a light gray delicate shade, and brown to prefer the color of coffee with milk.
  7. Compliance with the use of jewelry. Accessories and decorating elements should be modest and resonating with clothes. If this is a pendant, it can be worn under a shirt and pants, cufflinks with a strict suit, a leather bracelet with jeans and a sweater. It is better to choose a watch with a metal strap.
  8. The most expensive item of clothing should be outerwear. The cold season lasts much longer than summer, and cheap clothes will be impractical, short-term, outwardly unpretentious. Having spent money on a quality jacket, a man must understand that such clothes will last several years in a row.
  9. You need to pay attention even to buttons. Plastic or excessively shiny buttons can spoil the impression of clothes, so you need to select high-quality buttons from light or dark shades without glare.
  10. Minimum logos and finishes in clothes. Excessive decor makes clothes look like a theater outfit, so you need to avoid large stripes, monograms of prints.

Be committed to fashion, but in moderation

At this age, you can already give up most of the things. But you still have a need to show your identity. You are convinced that this or that clothes will make you cooler or more attractive.

Being a victim of fashion is inherent in many young people, but do not allow yourself to be too passionate about designer labels, no matter how important they seem.

Minimize trial and error

Excessive experimentation will lead to the fact that you will be the owner of a disparate wardrobe with incompatible items of clothing and monstrous loan debt. As a result of all these experiments, you will finally realize that there are things that do not suit you.

When making a purchase, do not hesitate to contact the store with a request to help you choose the right size and cut.

Find yourself

Self-identification can be a difficult process, when trends and styles are constantly changing, and you are surrounded by celebrities, style icons. Even if you buy a biker jacket and a small tight-fitting hat, trying to imitate Justin Timberlake in one of his clips, you still won’t look like him, no matter how much you like it. Your outfit will look like a fancy dress, nothing more.

Buy more but cheaper

Spending money on expensive items is unreasonable if you do not have enough clothes. Basic wardrobe items such as sweatshirts and T-shirts tend to be non-durable goods, which is completely normal. There is no need to clog the closet with designer white t-shirts, which after several washings in hot water will lose their appearance.

Instead of an expensive suit, it is better to buy two inexpensive ones and wear them in turn. First, equip your wardrobe with all the necessary things, wait until you start to earn more, and then gradually go to a higher level of quality.

Dress your way

The advice that sounds from the TV screen, to dress for work as you like, may seem reasonable, especially if you are lying on the couch at this time. But it is not always acceptable. Conversely, imitating Gordon Gekko's Wall Street style is already too much.

Fitting suits to the figure, cleaning shoes, ironing shirts and tidying up nails only takes time.

Do not claim a place of honor in the history of art

They say that it’s better to regret that you did something than that you didn’t do something. A notable exception is tattooing. Yes, body art is already more socially acceptable, but if your tattoo is constantly in sight, inappropriate or just bad, it may cost you a future career. Or you have to spend money on its removal.

Excesses in adolescence are often intoxicating, but much of what you care about now loses relevance over time and generally disappears. Ink under the skin does not fade.

Dark jeans

Skinny black jeans are the best fit for a period of experimentation. They combine with blazers and biker jackets, elegant shoes and sneakers, so they never let you down, whatever your plans for the evening. Feel free to go to them and to a concert, for dinner with your parents.

If you want to add variety to your wardrobe, look for jeans in indigo colors. This color is also universal and just as relevant.

White shirts

Regardless of whether you are going to climb the career ladder or not, a number of hangers with white shirts must be in the closet of any adult man. Buy high-quality, tight-fitting clothes with a tight collar and wear them for job interviews, weddings and other formal events.

Wear regular Oxford shirts during normal business hours and in casual situations.

Shirts on the photo: Uniqlo, Charles Tyrwhitt, Hugo Boss, Topman

Elegant shoes

If your place of work is at least somewhat reminiscent of a corporate environment, “decentA pair of shoes is one of the unwritten rules for staff. For offices with a strict dress code, only oxfords are suitable. But if your employer sometimes turns a blind eye to some deviations from the rules, you can afford to put on shoes in derby or brogues, which you can also wear after hours.

Shoes pictured: Reiss, Hugo Boss, Oliver Sweeney

Bomber jacket

Not surprisingly, she became the number one item in men's wardrobe. The bomber jacket is suitable for all occasions, combining perfectly with sportswear and with a strict one. With almost any. The main thing is to determine which model is best suited to your style.

The classic MA-1 brings military-style elements to casual wear, while tighter leathers will successfully replace a sporty jacket. Harrington jackets and wool bomber jackets are also included in the extensive list of smart casual clothing.

Bomber pics: Alpha Industries, Baracuta G9, Reiss, Mango Men

Your first costume

The costume your parents dressed you for your aunt’s wedding does not count. This is the first costume that you choose yourself, and this is important.

You can, of course, buy ready-made. This is perfectly acceptable, just provide some money for rework. It should look as if it was tailored to order by individual standards. If you really want to stand out and buy something in pastel color or in "screaming»Cage, remember that a well-tailored suit on two buttons of gray or dark blue color will be more practical and will last longer.

Suit pictured: Reiss, Topman, H&M

White running shoes

Over the past ten years, men's clothing has become much more practical, and frankly, it has become easier. There are essentials that are so versatile that they fit almost any item in any wardrobe. And these are, first of all, white sneakers.

The same pair of shoes goes well with jeans and suits. Just tidy them up regularly. If you are starting to create a wardrobe from scratch, white sneakers should be your first purchase.

Sneakers pictured: Converse, Adidas, Vans, Nike

Watches for all occasions

Suppose your father didn’t give you a Swiss watch for adulthood Patek philippe. But this is for the better. What you really need at your age is a durable watch that will suit different outfits.

The most reliable purchase will be a stainless steel watch. The choice of a specific model depends on your style. Try a minimalist design or a sporty watch. They are not visible under the cuff of the shirt, so they can also be worn in the office.

Zane Malik

Where the fashion wind blows, there is the diverse Malik, whether it is dyeing the hair pink, or appearing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a tuxedo with armored sleeves. Is it hard to bend over? Maybe. But one cannot admire.

Photo: Getty Images

Bill Skarsgård

If there is anything more terrifying than a killer clown, it's aging. But this is not about Skarsgård Jr., brother of Alexander Skarsgård. He is already 27 years old, but, adhering to minimalist Scandinavian principles, he looks much younger.

Photo: Getty Images

Tottenham midfielder earns points not only on the football field, but also in the style arena. In particular, street-style clothes brought him to the big leagues.

Photo: Getty Images

Secrets of the Pace

The British rapper knows how to wear everything: a tuxedo and sportswear. Perhaps his clothes are sewn to order, but most likely, he just knows how to choose the right size. His usual outfit is a sports-style jacket over a plain t-shirt. And in order not to look bored, he uses a wider color gamut, which many do not dare.

Photo: Getty Images

Douglas Booth

Tight fit will not always look at you as well as at the age of 20. It seems that the British actor understands this, because he prefers jackets with a perfect cut. But even in a biker jacket and a knitted polo shirt, he looks stylish.

Photo: Getty Images

Wear uniform clothing

By the age of 30, you will become bogged down in routine, that is, at work, which means that you will wear some wardrobe items more often than others. So get more clothes that can be combined in color and style, so that no one would guess that you wear basically the same thing every day.

Level up

Provide yourself with enough clothing and alternate it in turn. Over time, you will want to update your wardrobe with quality things that are timeless and will last you for many years, such as leather brogues or a solid suit.

Spend a little more on some things and your look will change. Do not forget about a suitable mechanical watch.

Of course, you are still relatively young and hot, but it's time to become a man. Stop dressing like children. This is mainly due to the fact that the size of clothes changes, and those things that you wore before look like someone else’s shoulder. By the age of 30, say goodbye to ripped jeans, T-shirts with slogans and other commonplace things.

Accept what is

It’s one thing to determine what suits you, and another to accept it. Like a six-figure salary, clothes will not make you a completely different, happier person. Ultimately, it can help you become a better version of yourself, but not Zayn Malik, Justin Timberlake or someone else.

How to dress a man - 5 important principles

Be realistic. The style of clothing should correspond to the lifestyle of a person and a specific event. Respect yourself and others. It is absolutely not appropriate to attend a business meeting in shorts and a T-shirt, just as it is not very comfortable to play sports in a tuxedo.

Buy quality clothing. This applies especially to the elements of a man’s basic wardrobe - a classic suit, coat, trousers, jacket. That is, those universal things that are acquired for the long term. For example, you can have a lot of not the most expensive and high-quality T-shirts, but the costume should be at the highest level.

Learn to choose the size. The right choice of clothing lies in the ability to evaluate your appearance from the outside. Things should sit on a person almost perfectly, while paying attention to comfort and the smallest details. If something does not suit you, refuse to purchase despite the quality and prestige of the goods. Look for options for branded men's clothing that is most suitable or contact a tailor.

The right color. The combination of colors in men's clothing is an essential element of style. Physical features (eye color, hair, face tone), specific situations and even mood are of great importance. Start with neutral colors - black, white, gray, brown and navy blue. Pay attention to shades and accessories, use the color wheel and experiment.

Details High-quality men's accessories can turn ordinary clothes into a stylish individual look. Do not save on shoes, watches, ties and glasses. It is advisable not to wear the same shoes every day, which will help things last longer. Buy several types of expensive watches.

10 practical tips for stylish men

Color picker problems - take the dark blue.

Do not wear glasses on your head - will last longer.

Love suits - the shirt should be lighter than the jacket, and tie the tie to the top of the belt buckle.

Watch the length of the socks - when you sit down the bare part of the leg should not be visible.

Sneakers everyday - Only for fitness trainers and athletes, even if very convenient.

Do not chase temporary fashion trends - concentrate on the base.

Take care of your clothes. - Do not abuse the wash, the natural look will remain longer.

Wear only clean and ironed items.. Of course, if ironing is provided.

Rebuild a cabinet or buy a new one - combine clothes in style and color.

Go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle and do not pay attention to reproaches. Although, constructive criticism is welcome.

And the main rule is that clothes should bring positive emotions, add confidence, be comfortable and practical. Do not forget that a stylish image is not only the ability of a man to dress correctly and beautifully, but also the ability to look after himself both externally and internally.