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How to get a cloak on Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game in which the original character model is the same for everyone. However, you can change the skin, that is, the graphic display of your hero. In the official version of the game there are several different skins that are easy to use. However, it is worth noting that the vast majority of gamers play the pirated version, so they are deprived of this opportunity, but they can install various mods that allow them to modify the appearance of their characters.

However, now we will not talk about skins, but about something more - about raincoats. They are not part of the skin, as they are located separately from the body, unlike any type of clothing that is simply painted on the hero’s figure. That is why almost every player at least once wondered where to find a cloak for Minecraft. However, to do this, unfortunately, is almost impossible.

Raincoats for administration

As you will quite quickly understand, if you start to study this question, this type of clothing is not intended for ordinary players. The cloak for Minecraft is worn exclusively by representatives of the administration and game developers. Accordingly, you will not be able to get some types of raincoats in any way, since they belong exclusively to specific real characters.

But here a completely legitimate question arises. There is far from the only evidence that gamers were found on official servers who have nothing to do with the administration, but who also have certain unique cloaks. How did they succeed? In fact, the cloak for Minecraft could be obtained some time ago thanks to incredible luck.

Special cases

As you already understood, a cloak for Minecraft is a hallmark of the highest echelons of power in the game. However, you can periodically meet gamers who wear raincoats. How to explain this? The fact is that in the past there were several cases when raincoats were given out for certain achievements. Most of all the chances were to get a cloak in those years when the MineCon Minecraft conference was held. Each person who registered on it received a raincoat in the game. However, there were other cases. For example, from a team of translators who helped translate the game into different languages, about thirty people were randomly selected who received special cloaks. The rest were issued to individual gamers for special merits or on exceptional grounds.

Mod for raincoats

Raincoats are unattainable for gamers who play on official servers. However, the pirates may well take the Minecraft nicknames with their cloaks, thereby circumventing the system and getting what they wanted most. However, this method is far from the most worthwhile, since you have to sacrifice your personality, choosing someone else's nickname, and also completely depend on the owner, who can change the skin at any time and get rid of the cloak. Accordingly, a much more effective method is to put a modification that allows you to install raincoats on your character. If you play on a multi-user server, you will need to check that the same mod is installed there, otherwise your cloak will be visible exclusively to you, for others it will be invisible.


Naturally, modification will not be enough for you to have a cloak. The fact is that it only activates the possibility of using them - you will need to download the raincoats yourself. You can find them on many sites on the Internet - you just need to look specifically for cloaks for Minecraft. 22x17 is the standard size of the cloak that you need to download to add it to the game.

Where do raincoats come from?

As you may have noticed, in a multiplayer game, many players look different from others, but not everyone knows how to change the appearance. In fact, it all depends on the skin that you install for your character. However, here we will talk about another device for decorating the hero. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can buy yourself a cloak at Minecraft. This item is part of the character's appearance, but it does not merge with the skin, that is, it is an independent element. This makes it even more valuable, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that there is no such free access to raincoats as skins. How to get a cloak at Minecraft?

Buying a raincoat

Real Minecraft fans are always ready to go to a general meeting with like-minded people, which is held every year and is called MineCon. It is there that you can purchase a cloak (at Minecraft). This is the only event that will allow you to get this jewelry for your character. Naturally, every year the raincoats are different from each other, so you can freely determine in the game which of the gamers was on which of the mincons. However, it is worth noting that this is not the only opportunity to get a raincoat - the fact is that it is here that you can decide for yourself whether you need it or not. In other cases, this element is awarded to specific people for special merits. You don’t even have to ask how to make a cloak in Minecraft, because this is not possible - it is issued by the administration and is tied to a specific user, so you can’t transfer or sell raincoats either.

Other cases

As you already understood, the main way to get a cloak in the game is to attend a conference of minecraft. However, some gamers were fortunate enough to find their unique raincoats by another method. From time to time, the administration gives them away for some achievements. For example, a whole set of raincoats was randomly played between those gamers who translated Minecraft into other languages. Or, for example, in 2011, on New Year’s Eve, all the players who were online at that time received a New Year’s cloak. Naturally, there haven’t been many such situations over the entire existence of the game, but nevertheless there are a lot of cloaks in the world. But how to get such an attribute if you really want to add it to your image?

Pirate methods

Unfortunately, you will not be able to legally get a cloak - only if you go to a conference or someone gives you such a thing for a special occasion. But there is an option to get a cloak using pirated methods, of which there are quite a few. You can find whole collections, which will include cloaks for girls of Minecraft, and superhero capes, and much more. Interesting gameplay!