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How to improve eyesight

In order to improve vision at home, a number of comprehensive measures are used. These are exercise systems and proper nutrition. There are techniques for this. Some of them are universal, others are applicable for myopia or farsightedness.

The main problem is eye strain. Visual acuity decreases with prolonged viewing of television programs or continuous use of a computer. Diseases associated with drying out of mucous tissues, or inflammatory processes in which the eyes fester, lead to visual impairment. It is necessary to control physical activity, as well as try to reduce nervous tension.

No matter how great the desire, it is difficult to quickly restore vision. For 1 day or a week, in general, is impossible. To get the result, you need to purposefully engage in exercises every day.

There are techniques that allow for a short time to achieve significant improvement in vision. Special exercises for the lens have been developed in order to improve its plasticity.

According to this theory, the main cause of visual impairment is overstrain. Specificity is based on the isolation of the eyeball from light. Exercises are performed for 5 minutes, every day.

The palming technique is as follows:

  1. 1. The sitting position on a chair at the table, the head is in line with the spine. Elbows on the table.
  2. 2. The eyes are closed.
  3. 3. Previously, the hands rub until heat is released.
  4. 4. The palms bend in the form of a boat and are applied to the eyes.
  5. 5. Initially, glare will occur. To get rid of them, black letters or other images are mentally prescribed. The overall background should be getting blacker.

The correctness of the exercise performed is the appearance of a completely black color without bright spots.