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Street dance (Street Dance) as a direction of dance appeared in the USA in the last century. At that time, dancers learned to dance right on the streets, because they did not have special rooms. Now this style is one of the most popular among young people, many who want to stand out from the crowd want to learn it.

Instruction manual

  • Street dances belong to Freestyle. It is based on immediacy, as well as combinations of all kinds of styles that are incompatible with each other. For example, jazz and classics. The main street dance is the dancer’s ability to convey to the audience how he feels the dance without any skills, and various tricks only complement the performance. Street dance involves moving from fast and pulsed movements to slow ones. Also in the dance there may be elements of fading. This genre combines such genres as house, new-style, break dance, hip-hop.
  • To learn how to perform all the movements of this style, you can sign up for dance courses that are in your city. Choreographers will demonstrate the basic movements, elements and transitions. However, this is only a technical basis. The performance requires the dancer to completely immerse himself in his world and relax the soul, and not just memorized movements that are performed to music. Everyone can learn Street Dance and without much preparation to show their skills in public, the main thing is to listen to the language of your own body and dissolve in incendiary music.
  • If you are very busy to go to choreographic courses, but want to learn how to perform all the elements, then you will be helped by video tutorials, which you can buy at any specialized store or see the end of this article. The only drawback of such a training system is the lack of a teacher who can suggest the correct implementation. Otherwise, this method will allow you to plan your time and save money. Since, in the courses, the teacher cannot physically pay attention to each dancer, so you still need to study at home.
  • You can also read an article about street dances, it also provides some tips and training tips.

Helpful advice

The name Street Dance (street dancing) speaks for itself. This direction originates not from ballroom classes and choreographic circles, but from the streets. Street Dance was born on noisy roads, city streets. It is characterized by impulsive fast movements, unforeseen transitions from fast to smooth elements, as well as unexpected fading.