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How to conquer a girl, achieve and conquer

"excuse" explaining why this approach will not work.

They simply set themselves up for failure. They use all their rich imagination to imagine how a woman will "sew off" them, create a negative emotional mood within themselves, which, ultimately, leads to total passivity. And, as a result, they become people who knowingly doom themselves to failure, even when they have not yet begun to act.

Maybe it's time to live in the present and stop focusing on the consequences?

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Fifth reason: He is looking for information that will help him solve the problem. The more information, the clearer the answer to the question. Information is an intellectual friend. Found a computer virus? There is nothing easier - look for an antivirus program on the Internet. Not sure how to replace the battery in a car? Buy a manual and open such a page. Do not know the definition of a word? Open the dictionary. So what do intellectuals do when they have problems with women?

That's right - they climb for books and start looking for an answer there. They want more information. They think that they will find the answer if they learn a certain technique. Or read another book. We are already tired of writing about it, but Many still do not understand. It is not clear that in order to succeed, you need to spend a lot of time studying the basics, changing your inner attitude to the issue being studied and to yourself.

Of course, we do not want to say that studying literature like this article is a futile exercise. Not at all. You have to find yourself in the real world and try everything on yourself. Intellectuals often use information to distract themselves from taking action.

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This is one of the mechanisms of psychological defense. Sixth reason: They start an intellectual conversation. They try to occupy women with abstruse conversations, not knowing that by doing so they only harm themselves. Perhaps the monkey, stupidly drumming the keys, will quickly pick up Pushkin’s collected works than you can drag a woman to bed, occupying her with smart conversations. When you talk with a woman about all kinds of abstruse nonsense, you, figuratively speaking, put on your forehead a bright and colorful brand: Typical topics of discussion in such conversations are: And women are waiting for a discussion of human relations.

They are waiting for compliments. They are waiting for the game, finally. If you approach this matter creatively, you can achieve a lot. For example, ask her a question of approximately the following nature: Seventh reason: If they solve the test, then carefully think through each question. If you are faced with a mathematical problem, then they sit and solve it to the end. Intellectuals are able to devote at least a little time to prepare for each situation and then boast of success. And it helps them in life.

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But not with women. If you do not know what to do at every step, then you will be "sewn" very quickly.

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Only the bitter truth will become a powerful incentive for you to develop, if you, of course, have firmly decided to find yourself a cool girl. How to conquer a girl if you are a nerd. Once you meet a girl, it might be a good idea to find a reason to.

Women have an incredible radar, a special flair for such guys. Women have a number of tricks and tricks that they experience on us in order to determine which category we belong to - those who “achieve their own” and those who “do not achieve their own”. And if you belong to the second category, then very quickly fail on one of these tests. But the worst part is that you won’t even know that you were tested.

The key to becoming more successful with a woman is the ability to handle all the trials she sends you correctly. Therefore, if you have not read the article "Checks", do it right now, without delay. Too smart men usually do not have the skill to conquer women on an emotional level, so they are not guided by momentary impulses of internal sensations. They are not decisive. They are not adventurous. They are not able to live today.

Therefore, before you figure out how to deal with these checks, first you need to learn how to create a relationship with a woman on an emotional level, how to demonstrate to her that you have fundamental communication skills, how to show yourself in the most favorable light. Eighth reason: Suppose you are going on a date with a supermodel, with the most beautiful, with the one with whom you want. Which of the following methods of preparation for your first date do you find the most reasonable?

Find out which flowers she likes the most, and make an appointment with a huge bouquet to stun her. Find out what places she likes to visit the most and invite her. To find out what she loves to eat most, so that you can take her to a restaurant she likes. Well, the time is up.

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Which item did you choose? We warned that this is a matter of backfill. These three options all seemed logical, right? Why not go on a date with an armful of flowers? Why not find out where she likes to go? Why not take her to the restaurant that she likes? And now, the denouement The following thoughts are generated in their brain: Not a bad logic, is it? Well, but there is one tiny mistake that these "wise men" make - it lies in the fact that they do not understand that it is not necessary to be smart to do this. Everyone can do it! ANY donkey can learn to serve before a woman.

Again, in our articles, this is not the first time we are talking about this. An intelligent guy, with all his proud arrogance, will think that he is one such clever man who uses this “thoughtful” approach. Another question to think about. Ninth reason: Have you met such a person who, before losing his pulse, would argue with you about what he himself is poorly versed in, or even does not understand at all?

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Be a guy whose presence makes it fun around, have the ability to make the world and the people around you even better, because this is what girls really want. Show less Ask her about religion, politics, what she likes to do for pleasure, about her family, where she grew up, and do not give her answers decisive and do not look for something humiliating! Stories Guest Boy and why such a drisch? First the best. First the old. Self-confidence and self-esteem are also very attractive qualities.

One who makes a fool of himself, simply because he cannot close his mouth? And the rarest phrase that he pronounces is "I don't know." They would rather say something than be silent. In any conversation, they manage to screw their clever phrase, especially if others are watching them. This is precisely the type of people whose complexes do not result in complete isolation in themselves, but in excessive talkativeness. They want to pretend to be super-intellectuals, in order to thereby appear to be an "expert" in any situation.