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How to assemble a capsule wardrobe: stylist's advice

If you came to this site, it means that you have plans to create your own wardrobe from scratch or modify it to perfect. We will help you in this difficult, but very interesting and useful exercise.

First of all, let's turn to the fashionable dictionary and define the terms that will be used throughout all the articles.

Bow, image, kit, ensemble. The finished image, consisting of clothing, accessories, shoes and sometimes even hairstyles and makeup. Capsule A set of things that combine with each other and are united by one style or occasion.

Typically, a capsule consists of 6-12 things (not including accessories and shoes) that can be combined with each other, creating different images. These images are always united by a common theme: for working in the office, for dating, for an active lifestyle, for traveling outside the city, for every day, for playing sports, etc.

Now, based on the previous term, we will define what a capsule wardrobe is:

Capsule Wardrobe This is a wardrobe that consists of one or more capsules. On the network you can still meet the phrase “smart” or “functional wardrobe”.

  • Every day is a new image. A total of 12 garments can make up to 30-40 bows!
  • Substantially reduced costs. Fewer items, more looks, less shopping expenses. Also, the idea of ​​the right capsule wardrobe eliminates spontaneous purchases, since in order for things to fit together, a list of clothes (shopping list) is compiled in advance (we will return to this topic a bit later).
  • You are always dressed stylish and tasteful. There is no need to spin around the mirror for hours and pick up a blouse for a skirt. Everything is already thought out, and the elements of the capsule are harmoniously combined with each other.

The closet is full of things, but nothing to wear? Then you should definitely learn how to make smart clothing capsules. Let's start diving into this topic.

Basic wardrobe or basic capsule

The basic wardrobe is essentially a capsule consisting of universal things that are suitable for any situation and are almost not affected by fashion.

This wardrobe is compact and versatile. Adding the season’s fashionable clothes to basic clothes, you can create modern and fresh looks.

Due to the fact that in our country 4 seasons with sharp changes in temperature are pronounced, the basic wardrobe can be winter, summer and demi-season.

What is a basic capsule, we disassembled. Now consider a situational capsule.

Situational capsule By name, it is easy to guess that it is a capsule designed for a specific situation or occasion.

Examples of situational capsules: evening, sports or capsules for trips out of town or in nature.

A situational capsule may consist of only a few things, forming only one onion, which can subsequently be supplemented and expanded. For example, a comfortable top, sweatpants and sneakers are already a complete capsule for playing sports.

Let's go further. In order to learn how to choose the right wardrobe, you need to determine its type.


The minimum wardrobe consists of one single base capsule. This is a high-quality basic wardrobe that reflects your main type of activity.

Pros: there is always something to wear, takes up little space.

Who is it suitable for?

  • For rationalists, for people who spend a lot of time traveling, traveling, or often moving from place to place. A minimalistic wardrobe is always compact and easy to carry.

If we talk about quantity, then this is about 12 things, not counting shoes and outerwear. With a minimum number of elements, the emphasis is on accessories, thanks to which every day you can look in a new way.


Add a few situational mini-capsules to the minimalist wardrobe, based on your occupation, and here we get optimal wardrobe.

Who is it suitable for?

  • For impulsive people who prefer different images or engage in several different activities. For example, in the office there is a dress code, but on weekends or after work you want to look more extravagant, unusual and interesting.
  • For people who have not yet decided on their individual style and want to always be different.


A wardrobe for all occasions, which consists of situational capsules, and each capsule is considered as a full-fledged segment.

In the maximum wardrobe, each capsule is equal in size to the base one and can consist of 12 or more things.

Who is it suitable for?

  • For real fashionistas who enjoy precisely the number of things.
  • Oddly enough, but this type of wardrobe is suitable for very busy people. Thanks to the division of clothing into separate capsules, you can quickly find ready-made sets and not waste time on the selection and combination of clothes.

What is it and what is it for?

For each sphere of life, certain clothes are suitable: for work in the office - business, for fitness - sports, for going to the theater and restaurant - evening wear and so on. Employment chart allows you to balance your wardrobe. If you spend half of all your time at work, then business clothes should be half of your wardrobe.

How to draw

Create your typical weekly schedule. For example:

  • workdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. office work,
  • 2 times a week, classes in the gym for 2 hours,
  • 3 times a week meeting with friends in a cafe for 1-2 hours,
  • every Saturday outdoor recreation in the country,
  • spend 3-4 hours every day at home.

If you have not started yet, but plan to do something new for yourself (for example, yoga or sign up for tennis lessons), then also include this lesson in your schedule.

Next, calculate how much time one or another lesson takes relative to others.

Example. If sleep takes an average of 8 hours a day, then the wakefulness time is:
24 hours - 8 hours = 16 hours.

It turns out that in total weekly you are awake:
16 hours * 7 days = 112 hours.

Suppose that a working day lasts from 9 to 18, and the journey to the office takes about 1 hour. Then on average 10 hours a day are spent on work. And a week goes:
10 hours * 5 business days = 50 hours.

Now you can calculate how much time it takes for you to work as a percentage. For this, the number of hours spent on the office is divided by the total number of waking hours:
50 business hours / 112 hours total = 45%.

Bottom line: in the employment chart, work will be 45%.

We open our closet and look at the situation there. Ideally, the ratio of clothes in your wardrobe should match the employment chart you built. For each sphere of life, you should create your own capsule, but it all depends on the type of wardrobe that you have chosen. Some things may wander from one capsule to another.

2. Determine the style direction

In order for the wardrobe to be harmonious and all things from the capsules to be combined with each other, you should decide on the style in the clothes.

There are 6 main areas:

  1. Classical - elegance, quality, restraint, respectability, impeccability.
  2. Naive and romantic - joy, openness, innocence.
  3. Complex romantic - femininity, mystery, tenderness, sophistication, fragility.
  4. Dramatic - shocking, sexuality, brightness, luxury.
  5. Natural - comfort, lightness, convenience, freedom.
  6. Sports - simplicity, energy, movement, strength.

On the links above you can find a detailed description and examples of each style direction.

Who invented the capsule wardrobe?

This is a relatively young phenomenon. The idea for a capsule wardrobe appeared in 1970. It is owned by Suzy Fo, the owner of a clothing boutique in London. It was a kind of advertising move - to show customers that in the store they can buy good basic items of clothing and then supplement them with fashionable novelties.

This system became more widespread in 1985 after showing the collection of American designer Donna Karan “7 Easy Pieces”, which included clothing for office workers. Demonstration of the collection began with the appearance on the catwalk of girls in black tights and body. Then, things from the collection began to appear on them, which, with a different combination, gave completely new images.

The idea of ​​capsule wardrobe is quite attractive. Especially in the era of “fast fashion”, when the offer in stores is huge, collections replace one another in a short time, and it becomes more and more difficult to be fashionable.

How to assemble a capsule wardrobe? In general, the best start for creating a capsule is to revise existing things. Critically evaluate what is in your closet:

  • get rid of all the things you haven’t worn for more than a year,
  • check things for compatibility according to the “3 to 1” rule (if in the end there are “lonely” things that cannot be mixed into sets, then most likely they will need to be disposed of, otherwise they will litter your closet for years).

Atmosphere and mood of style

Naturalness. Nature is very diverse - from the exotic south to the far north. The world of natural style can be both comfortable and tough. Here we take everything as it is in nature, so this style can be described as philosophical. Unlike drama, a viewer is not required.

Naturalness. You can relax and feel yourself, no need to prove anything to anyone. Within this style, it is easy to imagine yourself walking barefoot in the morning dew, enjoying the birdsong and the murmur of the river. Basic concepts: freedom of movement, space and convenience.

Softness, comfort, warmth. If the window is cold weather, then the image is always present cozy and warm hat, scarf and mittens. Style is associated with hospitality, housekeeping, there is an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and feel peace.

Well tracked folk ethnic motifs. Each nation has had a heritage for centuries: epics, legends, myths, in clothes these are features of a cut, color scheme, ornament and patterns.

Style colors

For this style, the restraint of the color scheme is very important. Soft, calm, restrained shades prevail.

Colors are emotions, and as soon as the brightness of the color palette goes out, we can feel the texture, which in a natural style is more important.

Basic, basic shades - beige brown, gray (shades of sand, clay, tree bark, wool, mustard). These colors are most often found in a natural style, and sometimes the entire wardrobe is built on them. With their help, we can feel the mood of coziness and comfort.

What is a wardrobe capsule?

An ideal wardrobe resembles a quality designer.

It contains multi-colored details that are ideally suited to each other.

From them it is easy to build both an airplane and a ship, and, if necessary, a spaceship.

That is, to assemble a kit to take children to school or kindergarten, go to work, and in the evening to an exhibition, date or in a cafe with girlfriends.

Such wardrobes are called capsule or capsules.

In them, all things and accessories are combined 100%

That is what I am teaching them to do in an online school. This is my hobby for all 14 years of my work as a stylist :-)

Examples of wardrobe capsules

This boho-style capsule left in my Client’s suitcase for a week-long vacation, she will have what to wear for all 7 days of rest. And she will never repeat the same look!

I'm not a fan of overfilled wardrobes. If I see a lot of clothes and a wardrobe cluttered with incongruous things, then, as a rule, I feel the same way as when a restaurant brings me a bucket of salad or another ugrooooomny dish.

I immediately lose my appetite. I love small dishes, so that there is a slight feeling of hunger, so I want to savor every bite of food, and then there is still room for dessert!

Managing a small wardrobe is easier. He fulfills himself to the fullest. All things are used, all things are combined. It’s very easy for them to buy something new, holding the whole picture in their head.

The picture shows an example of a mini-capsule that I made in a mix of casual style and sooo light feminine style.

I love femininity, but I often see that the desire of girls to look feminine turns their wardrobe into the standard of Indian style.

With age, so after 27-30, this style must be approached very carefully and professionally. Nobody wants to look 15 years older.

Having placed this capsule in Insta, I was surprised to notice that many girls took this example literally. Someone didn’t have a warm hat, someone else had a blouse, someone had an extra pair of trousers, someone had too many bags. It is logical!

This is an example of a mini-capsule in which everything is combined with everything, created by one of my Clients, who is studying at an online school with my help. She takes into account her tastes, needs, wishes for clothes, physique and lifestyle.

If any other person tries to take advantage of this, then, of course, someone will not have enough hats, and someone will have hips, someone’s legs, someone will not like the color or there’s nowhere to go in it! :)

There are NO two identical wardrobes and it’s impossible to take and literally apply a “picture”.

How to make a capsule wardrobe?

You need to create your wardrobe in accordance with your requirements for clothes, taking into account your figure and lifestyle. After all, he will leave an imprint on your wardrobe and dictate your own rules.

And if all this is not taken into account, then you get a complete wardrobe of useless, annoying things that do not go and do not suit you and do not combine with each other.

And so a mini-capsule for a “mommy” might look like.

And if something doesn’t suit you right now, it’s only because all the wardrobes are unique. And for you nobody will make your personal wardrobe and will not guess :-)

Only you know how you should feel in clothes, what you like and what not, and where you will go in all this.

And so you can stylishly and conveniently go to work in the office! And all week, and even more, do not repeat. And at the same time gather in a matter of seconds. Because you have a capsule! And everything fits everything :)

Please note that in each capsule all things are colored, accessories are modern, clothes are basic or in some style or mix, a balanced proportion of styles, cuts and colors allows you to combine things 100% with each other.

A LITTLE of correctly selected things allow you to make LOTS of sets.

And in most wardrobes - LOTS of things and LITTLE sets! And nothing goes with anything. Or everything is gray-black and dull.

How many things can be in a dressing capsule? As much as you like.

As much as you need, how much comfortable for you and as much as you can and would like to purchase.

The main thing is to do this according to the system, according to the rule, on the basis of which the capsule is created.

Morality? Everything needs to be learned. And you need to be able to dress yourself, spend money on clothes, choose and combine things.

How to cook, drive a car, speak a foreign language, use a fork and knife, etc.

Let's learn to create your personal wardrobe! All training is individual, practice and practice only, I don’t give lectures, I don’t pour “water”, I don’t retell old books :)

And in a responsible and professional way I teach you everything that I learned to do in 14 years as a stylist.

Because I am convinced that we, ordinary girls, do not need a stylist. We are not Melania Trump! We need to be able to dress ourselves. This is so obvious :-) And it's so nice when you understand how to do it right and stylishly!