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Fear and Loathing in Animal Crossing

It's not very easy to get the perfect city in Animal Crossing, but it is achievable and definitely worth it. Having the perfect city means having the right number of trees, flowers, weeds and garbage in it. Such an achievement is a matter of pride for many Animal Crossing players, but it also has its real in-game advantages. When you have the perfect city, you can get Golden Watering Can, Golden Roses, and the new Jacob's Ladder flower.

Method 1 Initial Startup

  1. 1 Understand what the “Perfect City” is. Your city is divided into 16 acres. These acres are 16 by 16 squares each. An ideal city should have at least 8 ideal acres and 8 good acres. How good an acre is is determined by the number of trees, flowers, grass, and debris per acre.
  2. 2 Distribute each acre. That means, know how many trees and flowers you should have. The best way to do this is to select a workpiece from your inventory. Start at the top left (or top right) corner of your city and count 16 squares to the right.
    • Place the sample on the 16th square and the adjacent one on the right, which will be the first square of the next acre. Knowing that this square is part of an acre, count 16 squares to the right again, and mark the 16th and 1st in the next acre.
    • Continue marking, do it vertically until you finish the whole map.

Method 2 Building Public Works Projects

  1. 1 Talk to Isabelle. When you go to Isabelle in Town Hall and talk to her by pressing “A”, you will have the opportunity to make inquiries about the satisfaction of the residents of your city. Isabelle will give you recommendations for improvements.
  2. 2 Start a community service project. To do this, sit in the measure chair at the end of Town Hall. Isabelle will approach you and start a conversation.
    • You will have two options for action in the chair of the measure: community service projects and directions. Select public work projects. Then you will see a list of public works projects. Choose the one you like best and you will be ready for the next step!
    • Build improvements, such as Dream Suite, do not count the number of public works projects until you get an interest in the satisfaction of citizens.
    • Remember that some community service projects reduce urban satisfaction. This can be any project that emits a large amount of unnatural light (for example, a video screen) or is an industrial one (for example, a drilling rig).
  3. 3 Find a place for your project. Isabelle will tell you that you must choose a location for the project. Then you can walk around the city, and Isabelle will follow you. When you find a point that suits you, talk to Isabelle again by pressing “A”.
    • If the place is large enough and not blocked by adjacent features (for example, a river), then a gyroid will be located and you can start collecting funds.
    • If the point does not provide enough space, keep looking.
  4. 4 Raise the “required for project” level. Of course you need to raise funds! Each public works project has different requirements for the funds that are listed when you first select it from the available projects. Your townspeople will invest a small number of bells, but this is enough to collect the entire amount.
    • When you have fully funded the project by putting the bells in the gyroid, the project will be completed and built the next day.
  5. 5 Build, build, build. Often you will be faced with the fact that citizens will want more public works projects - build them!

Method 3 Make Your City Beautiful

  1. 1 Be sure that you have enough flowers and trees. Sometimes Isabelle will tell you that the townspeople want more flowers and trees in the city. In fact, this is good, as it will not only increase the satisfaction of residents, but also make your city more beautiful.
  2. 2 Set up Beautiful Town Ordinance. By the way, this is the first thing you should do. Setting this order on time will make the flowers almost never wilt, and weeds will grow much less frequently. This will help you in your mission to keep the city beautiful.
  3. 3 Get rid of weeds. If you spent a lot of time without worrying about how many weeds will be, there is a chance that your city is already “flooded” with them. Getting rid of each weed may seem too dreary for you. But believe me, it's worth it.
    • Your city will look amazingly simple because there are no weeds in it. And it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first. Be patient.
  4. 4 See if the rafflesia remains. If there was rafflesia in your city, see if it has appeared yet. Rafflesia is a large red smelly flower (belongs to weeds) that appears if there are a lot of weeds in your city.
    • You can get rid of rafflesia by pulling out every weed in your city.
  5. 5 Collect garbage from the ground. This includes buried garbage. Be sure to get rid of it, since getting a good or perfect acre with garbage is unacceptable.
    • However, fruits and shells are not considered garbage, unlike the blanks that you put. They can stay.
  6. 6 Keep the right balance of trees. Too much will decrease satisfaction. Isabelle can help with measurements, and will say a lot or few trees in you, if she does not express her opinion, know: you guessed with balance.
    • To plant trees, you should have a sapling in your inventory (bought at the garden center), and the same with flowers.
    • To plant fruit trees, you must first dig a hole with your shovel, have fruit in your inventory, and then bury this fruit.
    • Trees must have at least one unit of space between them in order to grow and consume enough nutrients. If you plant a tree too close to another, it will wither and die.
  7. 7 Plant flowers, plant a lot. To plant flowers, they must be in your inventory. When you are standing at the point where you want to plant them, click on the flower bag and click “Plant”. Then the flowers will fall right under your character’s legs.
    • You can buy flowers at the garden center on Main street.
    • Planting flowers of the same type next to each other will be useful, as it can give the result in the form of hybrid flowers.
    • You do not need to plant too many flowers, but you do not need to have too few of them. Remember that weeds cut flowers in a 1: 1 ratio. If you don’t want to get rid of weeds like dandelion or clover, just plant some more flowers.
    • Flowers also replace trees if there are too few of them per acre. They also cut trees if there are too many.

Method 4 Get the Perfect City

  1. 1 Be sure that your city is populated to the end. Your city may have a maximum of 10 inhabitants. And reaching the limit of the population is your best bet on obtaining the status of an ideal city. If you have less than 10, this may result in less satisfaction.
  2. 2 Check the status of your city with Pelly or Phylis in Town hall. Once you have built community service projects and decorated your city, check with Pelly or Phylis if there is anything else to do.
    • Pelly will roughly tell you what the problem is, but you will need to find out where its source is. She will also tell you to add trees, get rid of trees, add flowers, get rid of garbage or weeds, or she can say that the city is terrible. And this means that you need to perform all of the above.
  3. 3 Reap the benefits. Because you have kept the city beautiful for so long, built many public works projects in it and kept it completely populated, you will receive the status of Perfect Town. Benefits will be new public works projects, rare mushrooms and Golden Watering Can.

  • To understand how big each square is, just open your inventory and go to the samples. Drag one of the samples to the lower right icon to place it on the floor. The place that the sample will take will be equal to one square. Know that in a square there can never be two trees, fruits, accessories, inhabitants, plants, weeds or anything.
  • To get the Golden Roses: first plant Two red roses together. Soon they should give Black rose. Now wait for it to fade. When it has wilted, pour it from the Golden Watering Can. The next day she will become Golden! It’s great that Golden Roses never wither, and they don’t need to be watered. Cool, isn't it ?!
  • If you want to get a Golden Watering Can, just keep your city perfect for at least 16 full days, and Pelly or Phylis will give it to you. Ask questions about the environment every day and remember that the condition of your city is estimated at 6 in the morning every day.
  • You can use the following table to know the proportions of how many trees and flowers should be.


In every game of the series Animal crossing the player takes on the role of a person coming to the village of anthropomorphic animals. The game has no end, but you can do different things, such as collecting items, planting plants and socializing with the villagers. All games in this series are in real time. This is reflected in the game itself. For example, if a player plants a tree, it will take time for the tree to grow.

The game implements a customization system. The player chooses the name and gender at the beginning of the game, then you can buy and create clothes and change your hairstyle (presented in Animal Crossing: Wild World) You can also change the player’s house due to furniture and wallpaper and floor changes. Terrain, residents, and locations are randomly generated (except Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where you need to choose one of the four cities), the name of the village and the core phrases of the residents are chosen by the player.

The game implements multiplayer offline or online. Up to four players can live in one village, but only one can safely explore the village. Mail may also arrive. In the version for Gamecube it was possible to travel through the villages of other players via Wi-Fi, this feature was also in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

This crazy, crazy, crazy world.

Statements that Tom Nook behaves like a real extortionist and racketeer can be heard almost since the release of the very first Animal Crossing. In this sense, we will no longer reveal America to readers. Picky gamers have been arguing for a long time about whether Tom Nook is in a mafia group or something like that. This raccoon pulls the strings that your wallet serves, and you dutifully dance to its tune. Fruits, beetles, fish. no matter what you do for the sake of earning, you are actually doing for the sake of being able to free yourself from the power of presumptuous Tom Nook and his smile, which would be more suitable for a serial killer. You think that you are simply paying a mortgage, but you don’t realize that you are really trying to find freedom, get rid of the threat. Yes, this is a menace, it hangs over you like a sword of Damocles. That is what it is. The worst part is that you are afraid to admit to yourself what is happening. You deny it, but deep down you know that you are afraid of Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing games are really scary, and for a variety of reasons. And not only because of the opportunity to get into an endless mortgage. But you never thought about what the inside of this world is. And it's hard to blame you. Because, if you look closely, the rainbow picture begins to crumble before our eyes, similar to how it happened in the film "American Beauty" by Sam Mendes. But one cannot always run away from the truth in fear. We suggest you familiarize yourself with our detailed list of the most dumb things that your protagonist, the only normal person in the whole city of terrible animals, will have to face. Be courageous and face the truth.

1. Imbalance

Imagine: early morning, it is raining. You go around the corner of the house and see a mittens lying in a puddle, dirty gray, and smelling of wet dog. You have two options: leave this garbage in place or pick up a wet abomination, put it in your pocket and try to find its owner. What to choose. What is there to think about! It's just a mittens, like those that cost six bucks a pair, and in the real world you would definitely leave it to roll on! But now you are in the world of Animal Crossing, and you probably know that someone is worried about losing their mittens. This knowledge is quite enough to draw you into seemingly almost hopeless searches. You got involved in it, and you can’t just take it and give it up. Soon you find the owner. He rejoices, because this is his precious, albeit a long lying in the mud, mitt. He is happy and thanks you. He is really happy, really. and he gives you. table. Yes, the table. As a reward for finding the lost mittens from a set worth six bucks!

2. Drugs

"Hey! Hey, do me a favor, give this bundle to the addressee. Y-he-he-he." A second later: "Che, not yet delivered, bro?" A little later, "I'm nervous! I'm nervous!". Why do all these animals carry some nonsense and mutter under their breath? I have no idea, but I'm almost sure that this is somehow connected with those packages that they ask you to pass on to someone who usually stands a couple of steps away from you. And then the petitioners abruptly run off somewhere, which is very suspicious. Probably, this unknown something also serves as an explanation of the amazing love of citizens for patterned carpets, wallpaper and lamps.

With some effort, a great arena for horror films would come out of this place.

3. Giant beetles and fast-growing trees

If you leave the city at the right time of the day and go to an island located south of it, you will find that this strange patch of land is teeming with bugs the size of your head. Forget sharks and dinosaurs - it's time to be afraid of horned bugs guys! They are very scary, but also very interesting, because they serve as a clear demonstration of the quirkiness of the local nature. Even the trees in the city (yes, let's get back from the island) - and they manage to grow in just a couple of days. Some devilry. No gardeners are capable of such a result. Maybe the matter is in the soil? I do not know, but whatever it is, it also allows plants to bear fruit at any time of the year. You just think. It also infuriates that an avocado costs so much money that it becomes almost impossible to plant and grow it. (By the way, what the hell are these huge bugs costing as much as $ 12,500? Are they grind and processed into drugs? Maybe this is also connected with those mysterious packages? How could I find out. Widespread drug addiction would explain why residents give you a whole table in gratitude for found mittens.)

Dancing? What the hell dances? Leave me alone! And stop reporting to my house at night!

4. Portals in cabinets and drawers

A refrigerator always remains a refrigerator, right? A beautiful table is a beautiful table. Hm. no, it's not so obvious. If suddenly the fantastically fertile land and talking animals are not enough for you (this is such an obvious oddity of the game that we decided not to dwell on it separately) that regularly transmit incomprehensible packages through you, then the creators of Animal Crossing have in store something no less strange: a special storage for things. It is clearly magical, because you can fill it with some incredible amount of objects, and even have access to it always, wherever you are. Whatever box you look into, all your junk will always be there. Let's go to another city? Do not worry, there are also your things inside the cabinets. And even at the train station. How is it at all?

Look at his face. No doubt he longs to slaughter you once

5. Boots and tins are disguised as fish and even swim

Have you seen the rivers in this game? The water in them is not red. And this despite the fact that there carps swim side by side with piranhas. Surprisingly, these are still flowers. What is more strange is that once the garbage that has fallen into the water immediately takes the form of a fish and even moves accordingly, but exactly until you catch it. Have you ever wondered about statistics: how often it happened to you, after waiting for a good sunny day, to go ashore, quietly sit there with a fishing rod. and catch a bunch of garbage? Yes, constantly! And how often did you think that the fish caught the hook, but in the end were left with nothing? Yes every time! Something looks like a fish and moves like a fish. But if you pull out the fishing rod, and the carriage turns into a pumpkin! Right! Regularly! What is it?

One more. be alert, don't turn your back on them

If they would choose animals with whom they live in the same city (where a gentlemen’s agreement is in place not to devour each other), who would they prefer? Giant rooster? Why not. Bald Eagle? Of course. Bear? And he is also here: a bear named Flary, although, of course, she does not look like a wild grizzly bear, but looks more like a Teddy bear. Drake? Yes, please: for some reason he is hiding from the rain under an umbrella and is suspicious of your move to the city ($ 12,500 per bug, man! Who else is suspicious!). But would you choose Ascolotl (amphibian larva)? Here's a fact that should help you decide: these creatures have limbs growing, by themselves, almost as many times as you like! And nothing better to know about them! However, meet Schrank. Firstly, he is axolotl. Secondly, he runs a night club. You still have time to hang out with him. In your nightmares, ha ha ha!

Have you watched the movie "Room of Fear"? After Animal Crossing you can not watch.

7. Марионеточный мэр

Кто нам самом деле управляет городом? Том Нук? Нет. Конечно, этот енот при помощи своих финансовых махинаций играет большую роль, но кто вам на самом деле указывает? А, "мэр"? Признайтесь. Нет ли в вашем офисе кого-то, к чьим словам вы прислушиваетесь, и от кого получаете всю информацию для управления городом? Уж не Изабель ли её зовут?

Думаете, что монокль автоматически делает вас самым умным и главным? Ну-ну.

Да, с эти тяжело смириться, но наберитесь смелости, потому что проблема не исчерпывается одним лишь тем, что происходит у вас в офисе. The aforementioned Schrank wants to open a nightclub in your city, but, like any worthy official, you must first hold a public hearing on this issue. There is a petition, and someone must collect signatures under it. Residents, of course, will take part in this, but instead of setting rules and controlling the process, you suddenly find yourself forced to personally ask each of them for a signature. Not only is it humiliating, but at the same time understanding comes: you have become an errand boy. And there are many more examples like this. It is not you who control the city in Animal Crossing, you are not playing with it, but the inhabitants treat you like a toy. And I’m sure that you have something to tell in the comments about your strangest and most dumb cases for the time spent in Animal Crossing.

Sam Prescott, an author from New Zealand, wrote this material two years ago. But it so happened that for IGN Russia this text came in handy right now, as an addition to Sam’s new and warmly received material about “Return to Animal Crossing”. We will try to continue to pay attention to your wishes.