Useful Tips

How to wash the bike?

How often do I need to wash the bike? Much depends on the weather and the area wherever you go.

If it rains and slashes, yes and at a cross-section (returning from the summer, for example) - immediately in the bathroom, if in dry weather and around the weather - once in 2-3 months. And in the winter, wash the bike just before moving to the warm room, while the snow and ice did not start to melt, and slightly, do not forget to wipe it slightly. If your bike has been in a serious mess, and when it moves, it has been drowned in water, and even dirty - when you wash, you can’t be afraid to pour water on, plug in, plug in. Although it is not necessary to dispose of everything, too, does not cost. For washing, a good amount of water is suitable.

In the winter, in no case do not put out just a washed bike in the cold. Frozen water, which has expanded inside the mechanisms, may damage them. You can dry the bicycle with a fan or just wipe it with a cloth. By the way, the rag is the most killed and popular tool of the bike.

Hard-to-reach places (systems, switches, cassettes, dummies) have a negative property to accumulate dirt on yourself. Recommended for two trips (or for 100-150 kilometers in summer, for 40-80 times in winter) wipe them with a damp cloth

Before washing

Before proceeding with washing, use a cleaning agent for the chain (for example, Pedro’s Oranj Peelz). It is best to avoid direct water jets on any part of the bike and especially on the electric. To prevent the ingress of water inside the frame, use the silicon-limiting coefficients to handle the mountings of the sunroof.

Where it is easier to wash a bike

We list some places where you can clean your two-wheeled horse:

  • in the courtyard of a private house,
  • on the site near the garage,
  • Outdoors,
  • in the apartment,
  • at the car wash.

The first option is ideal, since the bike does not even need to be rolled home. Simply prepare water, a soft cloth, and a cleaning agent if necessary. The whole washing procedure will not pollute the house at all, since you can leave the bike to dry there, on the street. Of course, in good weather.

Great if there is a garage and the bike is stored there. Usually, right in front of the garage entrance there is a concreted area where you can safely wash your two-wheeled vehicle. You will have to dry the bike there, only after that drive it into the room.

Washing in nature is more likely an intermediate option, when dirt impedes further movement. “Bathing” will be especially relevant when you need to get rid of adhering lumps between the wheels and wings or just to refresh the bike from boring dust.

The least fortunate are those who live in an apartment of a storey building and there are no alternatives. You will have to wash your bike in such a way that you don’t inherit much in the room, and you will need more time to clean it. It is possible that even after a careful washing, you still need to wash the floors.

Washing a bicycle in a car wash is a radical option after long off-road skating combined with rain or wet snow. A high pressure jet will knock out almost all the dirt from the bike. In the exception, only transmission mechanisms and bushings - it is unacceptable to act with a powerful pressure here.

How often is a wash required? It all depends on driving conditions, riding style, weather. For example, constant off-road driving, and even in the rain, will force you to wash your bike almost every day. Short trips only in dry weather can hardly affect the cleanliness of the bike at all, it will be enough to wipe it thoroughly only once before the season closes. Everything is according to the situation, but on average “general cleaning” should be carried out two to three times a season.

Proper washing of the frame and wheels

Thoroughly washing the bike at home, for example, in a small apartment, is quite problematic, so we disassemble it into parts. Before you start washing a very dirty bike, you need to:

  • rip off all the large pieces of dirt
  • remove the wheels
  • dismantle the tires
  • remove the chain (use the squeeze if it is without a lock),
  • remove the switches, shifters and brakes,
  • prepare water, a soft rag, a sponge and a chain brush.

You can wash the frame in the bathroom under the shower or manually. It all depends on pollution. Hard dirt is wiped with the hard side of the sponge, stains and smudges are soft. When the dirt is removed, wipe everything with a dry, clean cloth. A plus will be to go through all the pipes several times. When washing in the shower, avoid water entering hidden cavities!

Tires can safely be washed under a good stream of hot water with the hard side of the sponge. To completely pull out all the dirt from the grooves, it will take a long time to tinker with the sponge, especially if the drawing is deep.

Rims and knitting needles are washed under a weak pressure of the shower, however, it is advisable to wipe them manually with a wet sponge and a dry rag. The areas of the bushings are wiped only with a damp cloth and in no case are they substituted under pressure. Water can easily get inside the sleeve, ruin the bearings and wash the grease.

In this sequence, the main components of the bike are washed. Now consider how to clean the mechanisms and chain.

How to clean the chain and mechanisms

  • manual with a brush,
  • chain wash
  • grinding machine
  • in a bath with kerosene.

The chain should not be spared. The dirt is erased with a stiff brush (you can take a shoe). In order not to stain the floor and hands, we put it on a dense rag, and put gloves on our hands. In the longitudinal direction, brush the chain several times, then turn over and repeat the same.

An excellent option would be a special device - a chain washer. It is especially useful in cases where the gaps between the rollers are clogged with highly hardened clay or the chain is not removable.

Cleaning the chain with a grinder will probably get rid of dirt faster, but it will also cut cuts on external surfaces. If the chain has already seen the views and is not afraid of mechanical impact, remove it from the bicycle, turn it into a circle and carefully pass the nozzle through it. This method cleans dirt from the outside well (and scratches the chain), but is ineffective if dirt has accumulated between the rollers.

Kerosene - this is what remarkably relieves the chain of adhering dusty-oil suspension. It is placed in the bath so that all the gaps between the rollers are open. Cleaning time - from 12 hours to a day. After kerosene, the chain is wiped with a dry, clean cloth.

Cleaning the switches: all dirt is carefully and methodically removed with a damp cloth, abrasive products cannot be used. The same applies to a dirty brake mechanism:

  1. Remove pads, wipe them.
  2. Using a clean sponge, collect all adhering dirt from the pressure mechanism.
  3. Wipe the cables.
  4. Separate the brake mechanism, pads and fasteners separately, allow to dry completely.

It’s also better to clean the stars by hand: it’s much more effective than washing them under the tap. Since the surface of the stars is not only contaminated, but also oily, here, by the way, a mild detergent (for washing dishes, for example) is suitable.

A little cleaning agent is applied to the sponge moistened with hot water. Foam sponge pass through problem areas. First, the dirt is carefully removed with the hard side of the sponge, then the surfaces of the stars are wiped dry with a clean soft cloth or rag. Particular attention should be paid to the gaps between the teeth, as well as between the stars themselves. The washing direction is from top to bottom. A special brush for cassettes is also on sale. It is compact and comfortable:

Compared to washing under running water, manual sprocket cleaning has disadvantages:

  • it's hard to crawl into the space between the stars
  • dirt can push even deeper
  • long.

The main advantage of the manual method is that the surface of stars is not deformed, water is not poured where it is not necessary.

Karcher wash bike

This type of cleaning is great from dirt, certainly faster than home cleaning, and the quality of cleaning is much better. However, not all cyclists will agree that knocking dirt off a bicycle in a car wash is a good way. Why?

The jet is very powerful, so you must maintain a safe distance from the hose to the bicycle. Despite this, there is still a risk of the jet getting on the bushings, their mechanical damage or water leakage inside.

We bypass the bushes; it is undesirable to flush the carriage with water. In some cases, a jet may knock paint off the frame. True, there is no need to talk about the quality of this paint, because it must withstand mechanical stress and stronger. It is undesirable to clean the sprockets with a Karcher, they can be easily bent, as well as let the water inside the rear hub.

And finally ... After washing the bike, you need to slightly lubricate the outer surfaces of the bushes and carriages, and also properly lubricate the chain and sprockets. After that, the bike quietly gathers back. Washing and cleaning will not take much time, but will give comfort on trips and extend the life of the entire bike.

Choose a place to wash

To wash a bicycle, it is best to use a flat, solid platform with good drainage - asphalt, concrete, paving stones, gravel. The lawn and soil are not very suitable for these purposes, since within a few minutes after watering the entire surface turns into a small swamp. A special bike rack helps out a lot so that the bike is in an upright position and does not have to be laid on the ground. Using the rack allows you to easily get into hard-to-reach places - the lower pipe, the space under the carriage.


Start watering your bike with hose water, avoiding direct inlet into the carriage, steering wheel and bearings. Rinsing will allow dried mud to soak and fall away. If there is a watering nozzle, first use the irrigation mode, and then the strong jet mode to bring down the remnants of dirt and other contaminants. Walk carefully through all inaccessible places.

There is a widespread opinion about the use of a high pressure washer. Someone prefers to avoid using a car wash and prefers a hand wash or a small pressure of water. Others, on the contrary, prefer to use a car wash with detergents for quick and high-quality cleaning of all bike components.

At the moment, some experiments have been conducted to dispel or confirm the myth that a car wash is able to knock grease out of bearings, after which they have to be disassembled and serviced. Tests show that even aimed hit in a waterproof bearing practically does not affect its further work. When washing the fork or shock absorber, some of the water gets under the seals, but in this case it is recommended to take the gun away to reduce the pressure of the water on the unit. Other nodes that do not have proper protection require maintenance after such a wash. It is a fairly common practice when a car wash thoroughly rinses the whole bike and sets off for scheduled maintenance.

Shampoo main wash

Despite the fact that there are many offers in the automotive chemistry market, some manufacturers offer special detergents for bicycles. They are based on biodegradable components that do not harm the environment. The bicycle spray should be applied to the bicycle and left for several minutes, then rinse with water. If you use car chemistry, then it can be applied using a car wash or diluted in a bucket of water, and then start to wash with a brush.

You can use car wash brushes directly for washing. Their peculiarity is the specially fluffy ends of the hairs so as not to damage the varnish and coating of the car or bicycle. For delicate coatings such as fork legs, shock absorber rod or dropper, use a soft sponge. Clean all inaccessible places where you cannot get with a brush - wipe with a cloth manually. First of all, chains should be avoided so as not to stain the brush in the grease. Otherwise, you will smear the grease on the bike!

Grease cleaning

The main source of lubrication on a bicycle is the chain. There are special devices for washing the chain, where special detergents are poured, but the effectiveness of such a washing for the chain is extremely low. A high-pressure car wash can be used on the chain, cassette and chainring to clean them of grease and dirt. The best way to fully clean the chain is to completely soak it in gasoline, then dry it and thoroughly lubricate it.

If the brake discs or pads are dirty, it is recommended to clean them with a special cleaning for the brake discs. It can be purchased as specialized for bicycles, but automobile ones are also suitable.

Chain drying and lubrication

After washing, shake off the bike so that excess moisture will fly off. It is also recommended that you place the bike on the rear wheel and tilt it towards yourself so that water entering the frame flows out through the seat post or other holes. For drying, usually use an ordinary dry cloth, fiber or artificial suede. Separately, you should pay attention to the rotors and pads - it is recommended to dry them thoroughly before the trip, as Water that has got into the brakes reduces their efficiency. While wiping the bike dry, you can inspect the components in detail for damage.

To lubricate the chain, it is strongly recommended that you use a traditional grease tube rather than a spray lubricant. It often happens that inaccurate lubrication of the chain leads to the fact that the lubricant enters the rear brake disc with pads and worsen braking in the future, moreover, the spray is applied evenly to the entire chain, although it is not necessary to lubricate it completely. For proper lubrication, it is enough to drop a drop of oil on each link, scroll the chain idle, wait a while, and then gently wipe it with a rag to remove excess oil. After a short ride, it is recommended that you wipe the chain again to remove any remaining oil and dust that has settled on the oil. IMPORTANT: the chain must be completely dry before lubrication!

The work is done, the bike is clean and shines in the sun! If you follow the tips from the article, then your bike will long remain beautiful in appearance and durable inside!

Liquid detergent

Soap or Fairy and water. If the washing liquid does not satisfy you, try to use a car shampoo instead. Shampoos for washing cars are softer and form a film of wok on the surface, thanks to which the bike will look more impressive than after bathing in soapy water.

Now, there were a lot of special cleaning products (for example, Pedro’s for small-size bicycles and Pro-Clean for a little washing).

The liquid detergent, combined with a soft / hard sponge, is washed with a little elemental sand, clay and other mild detergent, but it is also slightly washed


Brushes. You can wash the sponge with a sponge, but the heavier parts of the bike need a brush, especially if you want to wash it thoroughly. You need two wheels for wheels: one for the chain and pin, and the other for the hoses and bushings. To clean the cassette, use one-piece cotton sticks moistened with cerosene.

Sink bike in the bathroom. Snimayutcya c velocipeda koleca and ctavitcya OH vvepx nogami in vannu, DURING verily cedlo - su ee dno, a gpipcy - su boptiki, pukami cchischayutcya and vykidyvayutcya kpupnye komya dirt away and tpavu chtoby ne zabivat sewage system, a potom doctatochno cilnoy ctpuey of dusha, pomogaya with a clean brush with a plastic brush, wash off all the dirt (Fairy here very much to the place). However, it is necessary to do this with all the safety, as there is a danger to cover up a little particles of dirt. It is not necessary to direct the direct water into the slots of the cassette and the steering wheel - if there is water in it, it will soon be left there, but there is little to it. Also, it must be said that if you just got it in a cold place, you should give it a little warm, or wash it thoroughly. The wheel can be seperated, but there is no subtlety, just the same, do not direct water to the inside of the hub

Rather, the main components of the bicycle - rims, wheels, frame. Wait while the water is soaking dry with dirt, otherwise, cleaning the sand will scratch the varnished coating of the frame. Avoid excessive water ingress on the following components - boot anthers, cartridge, dummy, but you must not get the water in contact with it, it must be removed from the mains. Letting you “dip”, start cleaning the dirt with the bike. Try to rinse, but do not clean the dirt - not stingy water

Having cleaned the main components, transitions to the bushings, the rear and the front switch, the system. Wash them thoroughly, with a small amount of water. This is especially true for the cartridge, as long as there is no attachment to the sleeve for the protective boot, and the mechanism of the latter is especially vulnerable to water.

The chain is the most complicated one in terms of the number of parts used in motorbikes, which constantly tests heavy loads and is always exposed to a lot of dust. It requires constant care, as long as it is worn out at all times and the teeth of the system and cartridge are not working properly, as well as a malfunctioning switch. Set the switch values ​​so that the chain is smaller than the front and rear stars. Leave it under the bucket and pull it out to the water. It is necessary to clean each link of the chain from dirt and grease, so boldly immerse it in water and clean it with a toothbrush. Use a special machine to clean the chain. Pouring a bunch of warm water and fairies. Рeзультaт пo cpaвнeнию c зубнoй щeткoй, дocтигaeтcя нa пopядoк быcтpee и лeгчe (нaлил — пocтaвил — пoкpутил пeдaли — вылил гpяз — пpи нeoбxoдимocти пoвтopил ).

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После мойки

Пpoтpи paму, кpылья, ceдлo и pуль чиcтoй ткaнью (oтличнo пoдoйдeт зaмшa). Зaтeм из бaллoнчикa co cмaзкoй в aэpoзoльнoй упaкoвкe cмaжь втулки, пepeключaтeли и т.п. мexaнизмы, кудa мoжeт пpoникнуть вoдa.

Пpи выcыxaнии мeтaлличecкaя paмa мoжeт пoкaзaтьcя пoтуcкнeвшeй вcлeдcтвиe oбpaзoвaния нa ee пoвepxнocти coлeй фocфopнoй киcлoты. Для пpидaния пoвepxнocти нaчaльнoгo блecкa oбpaбoтaй paму пoлиpoлeм, кoтopый иcпoльзуeтcя для oбpaбoтки пoкpытия aвтoмoбиля. Еcли пocлe мoйки oбнapужишь гpязь, c кoтopoй мoющee cpeдcтвo нe cпpaвилocь, oбpaбoтaй этo мecтo oбeзжиpивaтeлeм, пoтpи щeткoй, a зaтeм пpoмoй eщe paз.

Полезные советы при мойке велосипеда

Чтoбы удaлить caмую въeвшуюcя гpязь и дaжe pжaвчину (нaпpимep, пoмoгaeт, ecли бaйк вcю зиму xpaнилcя вo влaжныx уcлoвияx, нaпpимep, в гapaжe, и cильнo зaпapшивeл) – oтличнo пoмoгaeт чудo-жидкocть WD-40. Этo пpoникaющaя cмaзкa, иcпoльзуeмaя кaк cильнeйший pacтвopитeль. Тaкжe WD-40 пoмoгaeт, кoгдa нaдo paзъeдинить пpикипeвшиe дpуг к дpугу мeтaлличecкиe дeтaли, нaпpимep, peзьбoвыe coeдинeния. Для этoгo нaдo зaлить иx жидкocтью, cкaжeм, нa нoчь.

Анaлoгичный пpoдукт ecть и у кoмпaнии Liqui Moly — LM40 и LM47 — пpoникaющиe cмaзки, coдepжaщиe, пoмимo мacлa и кepocинa (ocнoвныx кoмпoнeнтoв «вэдэxи») пpиcaдки, cнижaющиe тpeниe и увeличивaющиx cpoк cлужбы дeтaлeй (pacтвopeниe pжaвчины, дoлгoвpeмeннaя зaщитa oт кoppoзии, пpoдлeниe жизни плacтикoвыx и peзинoвыx кoжуxoв и т.п.).

Вo вpeмя мoйки вeлocипeдa избeгaй пoпaдaния нa нeгo пpямыx coлнeчный лучeй, тaк кaк жapкaя пoгoдa и coлнцe «выcушивaют» paму, cпocoбcтвуя пoявлeнию нa ee пoвepxнocти тpeщин. Мoжнo иcпoльзoвaть шлaнг, oднaкo умeньши нaпop дo минимумa и DO NOT DRIVE the wheel, cassette, gearshift and steering column onto the wheel bushings.

Never wash the bicycle in front of the battery, as being held in a “jacket” and other water units at a low temperature will freeze, having shut off the working speed of these units.

After winter snacks, before replacing the bike in a warm room, better leave it for 10 minutes in Tambour and for this time to clear snow and dirt all over.

If you are riding a bicycle, and we don’t have any salt in it, so it’s good to wipe it clean with a clean cloth. In the opposite case, it should be washed in a general fashion, best with a car shampoo

After taking a warm bath with foam and aromas to your beloved bicycle, you should wash it (the bathtub), and it’s best to just wash the bathtub from the oil damp car shampoo!

In many days, when there is no Fairy or a machine for cleaning the circuit. In addition, a clean circuit will remain clear all the time, or it will either wait or come. It is precisely then that the chain starts and it is not uncommon to get started. The only way out is simple Wipe the chain with a toothbrush and a cloth and lubricate with oil! Kctati, escho odno nablyudenie in dlitelnom poxode: if ye tsep was ochen gpyaznoy, verily VARIATIONS cuxoy pogode chepez-H of ezdy large screen, dirt away cama otvalivaetcya and tsep ctanovitcya cuxoy and chictoy (azh, blectit) togda eo nuzhno ppocto cmazat

For the lazy easiest way - wash the bike in a car wash. Only do a lower pressure in the committee - and go ahead. Thereby, it is possible to wash it immediately with a shampoo, and then simply wash it off with clean water. Total process takes 2-3 minutes. After this procedure, it is left to wipe the cloth with a rag and grease it. Then, it’s true, it’s a pity to get on with him - it’s very clean.

Dry wash

In the 70s, there were no hermetic shirts for bicycles. Everything that was used in the mountain bike was due to high-speed bicycles, which were not supported by dreams in contrast to high-speed bicycles. Tak chto we nachali poptit komponenty velocipeda, kogda vymyvali THEIR vodoy, potomu chto dirt away popadala in podshipniki - bolshinctvo lyudey ponimaet ne, chto kogda they are normally ppomyvayut velociped, Voda pactvopyaet dirt away, and eta ppekpacnaya glinyanaya zhidkoct otlichno popadaet in podshipniki. Much until now, there is an opinion that the bike does not stand and is completely sufficient dry cleaners. This is how it goes.