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How to be courteous

COURTEOUS, -and I, -th, -linen, -flax, -flax. Polite, courteous. Pan Fortunat was a courteous and amiable man with everyone. Korolenko, The story of my contemporary. - Semyon - a nice guy, meek, courteous with his elders. Babaevsky, Cavalier of the Golden Star.

Source (print): Dictionary of the Russian language: In 4 volumes / RAS, Institute of Linguistics. Research, Ed. A.P. Evgenieva. - 4th ed., Erased. - M .: Rus. language, Polygraph resources, 1999, (electronic version): Fundamental Digital Library

COURTEOUS, ow, ow, -len, flax, flax. Polite, courteous, friendly. How courteous, kind, sweet, simple! Grbdv. I spent time very pleasantly: society is the most courteous. Ggl.

A source: The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language, edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940), (electronic version): Fundamental Digital Library

Word interpretation

Let’s figure out what the adjective “circumvented” means. In Ozhegov’s dictionary you can easily find the interpretation of this adjective: showing courtesy, demonstrating a good attitude towards others.

So you can describe, for example, a waiter who serves you well in a restaurant. He advises you good dishes, smiles and brings the order on time. Being courteous is difficult, because you cannot show your bad emotions or discontent.

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Examples of offers

We can give some examples of sentences with the adjective "courteous." This word most often fulfills the syntactic role of a definition.

  • "The conductor was courteous, he smiled at everyone."
  • "The waiter was courteous, he quickly brought our order."
  • "No matter how courteous the butler was, his sour mine and sly eyes spoiled the whole positive impression."
  • "The head waiter was so courteous that we involuntarily admired his good manners."

We select synonyms

You can easily pick up a few “synonymous” synonyms.

  • Polite. "I have never met such a polite gentleman who is so perfectly versed in the rules of good form."
  • Gallant. "The gallant waiter kindly invited me to move to another table."
  • Courteous. "The courteous boy greeted his father and went to his room."
  • Correct. "The seller was correct, he knew how to communicate with customers."

After reading the article, it became clear to you what the short adjective “courteous” means. It has several synonyms, which are also appropriate for use in texts. To select words with a similar meaning, we recommend using the synonym dictionary.

Courtesy is the foundation upon which a stable business is built.

I will give an example.

I went to the local cafe yesterday. I wanted for lunch something meat with vegetables. I felt a surge of creative energy, and I wanted to nourish my brains well. I decided to take a serving of turkey with green pea salad. Made an order.

The young girl behind the counter answered me with a smile:

- We have a rule to sell whole turkeys, but I'll see if it can be cut for you.

A minute later I got my portion of turkey.

- I'll add seasoning. You will like it, ”she winked at me.

And further in the same spirit. She was helpful. What enthralled me. She was extremely welcoming.

A great example of excellent visitor service. After all, she showed extraordinary courtesy.

Guess where I dined today. Once again I went to this cafe, because, like most people, I like to deal with those who treat me well.

Courtesy is the foundation upon which a stable business is built.

Who doesn’t want to help the prosperity of nice people? Courtesy gained my trust. She made me a regular. She gave them a regular customer.

For world-class companies, courtesy means a lot. So be courteous. Everyday.