Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to catch snakes

Some time ago, I promised to write an article on how to catch a viper. Fulfilling the promise, I hasten to warn everyone: although I will provide step-by-step instructions, nevertheless, if you decide to catch a snake, you do this at your own peril and risk.
On the other hand, there is good news. You will stop being afraid of vipers (they will have to be afraid of you) and get rid of the viper on the site (most likely). In addition, a viper bite is not fatal. Yes, it’s painful, yes, you need to see a doctor, but the mortality rate is almost zero (0.1%).

So, let's start with the equipment.
The first thing you need to catch a viper is a rubber boot and.

The viper will not be able to focus the rubber boot. But these should be boots, not low shoes or rubber boots. Although the viper is not a throwing snake, it will reach the lower leg.
Of course, you can do without boots, but in this case we lose such an important element as the leg. And a viper can be crushed with a foot in a boot, and it will not go anywhere.
The second important element of the equipment is a special stick, which you can see in the photo. Contrary to popular belief, we do not need stag beetle at all. Those. we need a flat element that can push the head of the snake to the ground. It will slip away from the horn, and we need to tightly fix the head, because the most dangerous part of the viper’s body — poisonous teeth — is in the head.
The flat bar, which can be easily obtained simply by using the old (or new) paint roller, will press the adder's head to the ground, thereby giving us the opportunity to pick up the snake and put it on the bottle.
Again, you can do without a special stick, as well as without boots, but this already requires a little Malom snake fishing experience. For your own safety, do not go out on a snake with bare hands. But, most likely, hardly anyone will risk it. Without catching the snake at least once, it's hard to be so brave (or reckless).
On this, the necessary elements of equipment end. But an important element remains - packaging. A plastic 5 liter water bottle, with a cap, is best. If you plan to keep the viper in a bottle for a long time, it is better to pre-drill small holes on the sides so that the snake breathes.

How to catch a viper

The most interesting thing is that the viper occurs precisely when we are poorly prepared for the meeting. In the meantime, we go for boots and a hook, the snake crawls safely. I can not tell you how to solve this problem. Keep both boots and the hook on hand.
So, we are dressed in high rubber boots and hold the already mentioned hook in our hands. The snake, seeing us, begins to crawl away quickly.
Do not let her do it. With a hook we pick it up by the body and throw it into the open space. There, where she can’t hide, but it will be convenient for us to catch her.
The snake is still trying to crawl away; it has a lot of strength. We play with her hook until her strength begins to run out. How to understand this? The viper is no longer able to crawl quickly, but remains in place, hisses heavily, raises its head for a bite.
We are not afraid, because firstly, we are far from her (0.5-1 meter, how much a stick gives opportunities), and secondly, boots on us. And the rubber boots, as we recall, the viper will not bite.
Having played enough with a snake, do the most important thing - with a hook we press the head of the viper to the ground. We press across the body of the viper and in the area of ​​its eyes. Those. as close to your mouth. Then she will not be able to twist and bite, and we will be able to pick her up in the very place that will enable her jaw to be fixed as strong and safe as possible.
When the viper is hooked, it cannot crawl forward or backward. You can crush her body with a boot so that the tail does not interfere with a good grasp.
With one hand we hold the hook that fixes the head, with the foot we fix the body, and with the free hand we take the viper where the jaws join. Find this place where the jaws join and push with your fingers. You will feel severe pain, just making you open your mouth.
So it is with the viper. Taking it in our hands precisely at the jaw junction and pressing it, we force the snake to open its mouth. She can neither bite nor turn her head until we release the grip.
Now it remains to put the viper in a 5-liter plastic bottle (do not forget to grab it immediately when you put on your boots and take the hook, and the best bottle is already open, and keep the lid in your pocket, handy).
First, lower the tail portion into the bottle. The bottle stands on the ground, the lid in the other hand. When almost the whole snake is in the bottle, we cover the viper on the back with a lid so that it does not bite when it is released. Covered with a lid, she will not be able to do this and will fall into the bottle under the action of gravity.
Fasten the cap firmly immediately. The viper is caught.
It remains to decide: what to do with the caught viper. But this does not apply to the topic of this article.
In conclusion, I will say the following.
I described in detail the process of capturing a viper because I prefer not to kill vipers, but to catch. Why is this so, read in other articles about vipers on this site.
And although there is nothing particularly complicated in catching a viper, nevertheless, an adder is a poisonous animal, and proceeding to its capture, you act of your own free will and at your own peril and risk.
Therefore, if you are afraid or prefer to kill snakes, then you should not experiment. But if you decide to catch a viper, carefully read the above instructions and know: for the first time everyone is scared. And who is not afraid, he is just a fool, because the viper is a poisonous snake.
But if it worked out for me, then why can't it work out for others? Each of those who catch snakes did this for the first time.
If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

How do snake repellers work?

Ultrasonic Snake Repeller is an innovative tool with a high degree of effectiveness. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the generation of ultrasonic vibration. Such fluctuations are very negatively perceived by reptiles. In fact, the snakes begin to panic, and they leave this place. The frequency of the generated oscillations is constantly changing, and therefore snakes cannot adapt to its work. Simply put, the device is not addictive in reptiles.

The snake repellers themselves must be located in the ground. In appearance, they are no different from mole repellers. The device usually has an elongated body that burrows into the ground. About 10 cm of the repeller remains at the top. By the way, the emitter is located exactly in the upper part of the repeller. Also in the upper part of the case there is a battery compartment cover, which is very convenient. You can change the batteries without pulling out the unit itself.

Proper use of repellers

Some people do not understand that to maximize the effectiveness of one snake repeller may just not be enough. The area of ​​operation of the standard device is 300 sq.m. It is recommended that you select the number of appliances depending on the size of your site. Repellers should be placed at a distance of at least 3-4 meters from each other.

By the way, if we talk about the location, try to place the devices on the border of the site. There is a possibility that it is there that the “nest” of reptiles is located. But in the winter season, the repeller is definitely not useful to you, because snakes hibernate. There is no sense in wasting battery life, so it is better to pull the repeller from the ground for this period of time. It is possible to use innovative devices in the residential building. But of course you don’t have to bury them there.

Types of Snake Repellers

Perhaps the most important difference between snake repellers from each other can be considered the area of ​​action and the power source. There are units operating on 4 batteries of type D. Such batteries are usually enough for almost a year of use, provided that you buy alkaline cells. Installing them in a special compartment is extremely simple. By the way, you do not need to turn on the device. When the batteries are installed, it will start working automatically.

Repellers, the power source of which is the solar battery, are also considered popular. You can save money by not buying ordinary batteries.